Endlich 18! Finally 18!

We had stopped over in Düsseldorf to celebrate Edgar’s 18th birthday. He is one of Mummy’s godson and she would not have missed it for anything.

Mummy’s known him for a long time.IMG_4257I met Edgar three years ago when I spent my first Christmas with the Eggerts.IMG_4276The birthday dinner was a celebration of his coming of age – a dinner party for 16 humans and one dog – that’s me! IMG_4284As I was not assigned a seat, I was allowed to wander.

And wander I did. At most times it was a sea of legs. And at the dining table, I tried to sneak things off plates but I could not escape Mummy’s eagle-eyes. IMG_4298 How does she always catch me?IMG_4303And then sometimes it all gets a bit boring and I sit by myself. IMG_4306Or take a wander in the back garden – checking out the snowIMG_4325At the end of the evening, the other guests were full of praise and said how well I behaved.

May’s comment: Darcy is used to crowds but she also has an instinct for doorbells. She has to see who it is at the door and then decides if she approves of them or not.

At Edgar’s dinner, she only barked once at one of the arriving guests. Most of the time she behaved impeccably except for trying to nick food off plates. They thought she was hilarious. I thought she was appalling. But of course secretly proud that she stole many hearts and bashfully accepting compliments such as “she’s the best dog ever” and “she doesn’t smell” – YES!!!!!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    That little face looking up from under the table is priceless May !

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