Dogs & Dim Sum – Oh happy Sunday!

Mummy loves dim sum. But from our quest to find dog-friendly restaurants, it has been rare to find Asian restaurants that allow dogs in. So when one of our blog readers told us about The Duck and Rice, it sounded too good to be true.  So of course we went to make sure it wasn’t a dream!

We were told it was a pub conversion but we were a little surprised when we arrived. We had expected another gastro-pub fix-up. Instead there was a concrete pillar in the middle of the entrance img_8332and the front was covered by geometric patterned leaded windows.img_8391Upon entering, we were greeted by shiny copper-coloured beer vats.img_8334It wasn’t looking very dim sum like.

But when we went to check in – we saw a duck motif! img_8395We knew we couldn’t go upstairs to the main restaurant.  We sat in the bar areaimg_8341On leather stools that looked like mushroomsimg_8335And had a good look at the Duck & Rice menuimg_8337Do you know what you’re ordering, Mummy?

Mummy said everything was familiar and she wanted a lot of the various dim sums but had to limit herself as she was the only hooman eating it- img_8368We could help out of course.

Mummy, that is a lot of food for one person.img_8369She did over order – to our benefit. The only thing she could really share with us was the aromatic crispy duck –img_8377 yes, crispy duck sans pancake!img_8375George could not believe his luck – his eyes bulging with excitement!

After clearing all the plates, she had room for some egg custard!img_8383She definitely wasn’t sharing those with us.  She ate them both.

Yesterday was a very happy day for our little family.  We had a family Sunday dim sum – something very traditionally Chinese.

After Mummy had her fill of good dim sum, it was no wonder she suggested we go to the park for a walk!

We ran zig-zagging through the park chasing down squirrels and hunting them down.

While we did all the running, Mummy wasn’t exactly running after us – though it would have done her good to do so. img_8408And when we sat staring up trees, she had a rest.
img_8411I almost got this little guy and he knew it! He sat up there teasing me – he kept making funny noises as he sat on a branch munching on a nut.

And then naughty George did one of his – I’m not ready to go home yet episodes.img_8418Mummy had to get a stranger to help us get a hold of him.  While I would run away if anyone else should approach me, George tended to engage with them – which is worrying. But this time instead of engaging with the stranger who approached him, he ran back to Mummy. That’s progress. Let’s hope that wasn’t a fluke.

May’s comment: Dim sum with the family especially on a weekend is very much a Chinese tradition.  So it was only appropriate that our little “family” had dim sum together at The Duck & Rice.

We’ve managed to find dog-friendly sushi (OKA) and Thai (Suksan) but never thought we could ever do dim sum. We are not aware that any of the restaurants in Chinatown or Bayswater are welcoming for dogs. So this was a very special find for us.

Berwick Street is not the loveliest part of Soho but in recent years, several little gems have popped up in the neighbourhood – Yauatcha is a sister restaurant of The Duck & Rice, sharing the same proprietor, Alan Yau. He is also responsible for Hakkasan as well as the more budget-level eateries – Wagamama and Busaba Eathai – both not a preferred choice.

When we approached The Duck & Rice, we weren’t sure if it was the right building. Once an industrial heavy fronted building, the conversion had disguised it except for the concrete pillar in the front. img_8394Love the huge blue and white ceramic wall panelsimg_8352And even the blue tiles in the stairwell going down to the WCs.img_8386Enjoyed every bit of it and the staff – amazing! They all love dogs! They came to fuss and they gave us lots of compliments.  And the food – as good as it gets.img_8368The Duck & Rice is at 90 Berwick St, London W1F 0QB

Find out about other dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in London on our Wine & Dine page.

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