Marley & Me @Daphne’s

Back from our travels, it was time to catch up with friends.  Today we had lunch with Marley and his mummy at Daphne’s in Chelsea.
When they knew we were coming, they had a bowl of water for us in a Lulu Guinness designed bowl.img_8257It seems hoomans eat things that looks pretty – img_8260 And hearty things that smells delicious!img_8261 Greens and things that once swamimg_8262 And I would really like to taste all of them. May I?img_3578 Since I am not getting anything from Mummy, I am going to try Yaena.img_8263May’s comment: It is always a treat to go to Daphne’s but even more so now that we are allowed to go with our dogs during lunch time – only in the conservatory.img_2424Daphne’s opened their doors to allow dogs in during lunch over the summer when they did a PR launch with Lulu Guinness.  The first time around I took George (and Sasha) – just to test the waters with a “small” dog.  img_2420This time I went with Darcy and Yaena brought Marley – we thought between a medium Cockapoo and a toy poodle, they would even out nicely. But they were welcoming and mentioned how well-groomed both dogs were and how well-behaved. We were so proud of them! 🙂

Daphne’s is an Italian mainstay in South Kensington/Chelsea, known for people-watching and classic cuisine. Nice to go on occasions, reliable for good food and feeling special.  Daphne’s at 112 Draycott Ave, London SW3 3AE is already listed on our Wine & Dine page.


  1. Alicia

    Very impressive in still having your pretty bow Miss D!

  2. Chris Hall

    Hello May, I was in Chelsea on Friday, just saying to my daughter how much you have done to make London more dog friendly. Then we spotted you coming out of the Conrad shop with Darcy and a lovely dog which must have been Marley. It made my day as I follow your posts every day.
    I live in West Norfolk with my cockapoo Dexter.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Chris, awww, you should have come to say hello! That would have made our day too!
      We have found yet another nice surprise – dim sum with dogs! Watch out for that post! And it’s in SoHo.

  3. Maria Richardson

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