DOGS (GODS) by Tim Flach

We did not make it into this one. The labradoodle did and the way they were described might as well be us cockapoos:

“… One part Labrador (in our case, Cocker Spaniel) retriever plus one part poodle equals a dog with that extra something – temperament, intelligence, and physical characteristics to be fit for hypoallergenic pet owners … bred … with a view to mixing the low-shedding aspects of a poodle’s coat with the trainability of a (cocker spaniel) … . Cute looks and biddable character …”

And then the killer line – “…despite having superior attributes the labradoodle (cockapoo) remains a crossbreed, which means that no matter how popular it gets it may never win the recognition of the official kennel clubs.”  That applies to us too.

But who cares – as long as we are loved at home, what does it matter whether the kennel clubs accept us or not!

May’s comment: This is not just a picture book about dogs, though wish there was a picture of our cute cockapoos. This is Tim Flach’s celebration of our love affair with this four-legged animal – delving deep into the psyche of our bond with mans best friend. And the truth be told – we love dogs because of self-love – they meet our needs, they are substitutes, they love us unconditionally.

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  1. Chandni

    I totally agree……..We don’t care if cockapoos are recognized by the kennel clubs as one of the fancy breeds. Cockapoos are so lovely and friendly that they are better than most breeds.

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