Don’t you worry about me

Dearest Mummy,

Well, eventually Stanley and I went into the garden and had a good play, just like old times. Went to the park for a lovely walk and made friends with the gardeners in the park. Yes they loved me!! Think it’s because they love Stanley as they see him every day and as I am his best friend they now love me and know me by name.

My only problem is I just can’t stop humping Stan and he does not like it much but now we are playing like mad things, having a great time.

Wishing you and my beloved sister Darcy a very safe journey, have fun and please don’t worry about me, having a ball.

Love you, Mummy


By the way, are you reading my messages? That was sent on Wednesday!

And here’s the other one …


Dear Mummy,

Hope you and Darcy arrived safe and sound. Just a quick update on ME having a great time.

Stanley and I are loved up and I’m really quite happy, though obviously I miss you but am getting lots of love, have taken over Stanley’s favourite spot on the sofa and think he’s a bit put out but hey ho, it’s now MY favourite spot. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures and please don’t worry about me.

xxx Your special little ink dot, George






  1. Jill Keiser

    So glad George is having a super time with Stanley!

  2. Rusty

    Fab x

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