Holding my own

I was also invited to the pre-birthday party in Düsseldorf – yes, I was the only pooch.

But I held my own and went with the flow.

The party was at Phoenix Restaurant in the tallest building in Düsseldorf – Drei Scheiben Haus. We took the elevator up to the 22nd floor.
And from there – a fabulous view of the city

There were lots of hoomans – they were served delicious food and drinks –And they brought me my drink too. Many of the guests came to say hello –Many told us stories of their dogsI even gained a few Instagram followers! Did you find me? Yup! That’s me – @MissDarcysAdventures.

At other times, I sat alone and watched the sun settingThe world always seem to look it’s best as the sun sets on another day – the splendour of the event seems to put at ease the day’s worries. The final moments of the day.I pretty much held my own at this hooman party.

But amongst all the hoomans at the party, there’s a little girl called Letizia.She loves dogs and would love to have a dog.  Mummy taught her how to make me do tricks.Mummy even left me at times with Letizia – she took really good care of me.
It wasn’t so late before we finally went home for the night.  I was completely wiped!!!May’s comment:  It’s a party of a long time friend. We’ve known each other for over 30 years and the father of my godson.  Even though we no longer live in the same city, we’ve still seen each other over the years and I was always invited for all the important family occasions.  Many of the guests faces are familiar and most of them know “Tante May” from all the times we have met.  But some language barriers and infrequency of meeting make conversations less “flüssig“. In this case, Darcy was the ice-breaker.

We have all grown older too – all the kids whom I have seen over the years are all taller than me. But ever so well-brought up, they are lovely to watch – the next generation of family friends.

In the same way, they know how much Darcy and George means to me so they are always invited along. And Darcy, what can I say – so proud of her. She held her own. She was not fazed by the people, she, of course focused on the food – and had quite a few sausages and chips during her “tricks and treats” with Letizia. Cockapoos are not common in Germany – and many asked about her. Perfect size, so soft and so gorgeous!  Proud mama! 🙂

There were moments when I felt like a “loser” – ok, this is just a joke. Especially at the encounter of a long time ex-, already feeling awkward, we were “catching up” – the usual questions of – what are you doing now? etc, etc. Then I said, I better get back to my dog! LOL! Not wanting to make him feel like I was being rude, I suggested he might like to meet her.  He followed me and met Darcy. Curious? Interested? He must be thinking – what has become of her? LOL!


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  1. Cheryl

    Darcy, you are a very amazing dog! You know exactly how to act in a formal party, but can still run with the “dogs”!

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