In two weeks time – on the 4th and 5th May weekend, doodles around the world will be gathering …

because we will be celebrating the third International Doodle Dog Day – IDDD!

In London, we will be joining our fellow doodle dogs around the world from Berlin and Munich to the Isle of Wight and Camber Sands to cities across the USA.

To celebrate the day, we have asked Cosy Chic Pet Boutique and Growlees to create a special edition of a Doodle Dog Day bandana – as worn by me and my pals –

Freddie sporting a Medium
Barnaby sporting a large
And I am wearing a Medium and Freddie.

and a “Cool Dood” dog tag

Why is it on the top of my head?

May’s comment: This is not our regular Hyde Park Doodle Meet in London. This is INTERNATIONAL DOODLE DOG DAY (IDDD). Instead of an April meet-up on the last Sunday of the month, we will be meeting on the 4th May (Saturday) behind the Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens at 10.30am.

A portion of the sales of these bandanas and dog tags will go to DoodleAid – a UK based registered charity that assists and supports the rehoming of poodle cross dogs (doodles)

Union Jack themed reversible bandanas by Cosy Chic Pet Boutique

You can buy these bandanas on Cosy Chic Pet Boutique.

Limited edition dog charms to celebrate the day.

This is a day for the doods!

International Doodle Dog Day is celebrated by thousands of poodle-mix breeds around the world in over 40 major cities!

2019 is the 3rd year celebrating Doodle Day. This day was created by Ripley + Rue!

Come join us on Saturday, the 4th May at 10.30am behind the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park – where we always meet.

Or have your own Doodle Day meet! Contact us for more info.


  1. Cheryl

    The bandanas are fabulous! Our granddoodle, and even though we live in the states, needs one of them!
    International Doodle Dog Day, what a fantastic idea! Kudos to who ever came up with it!

  2. Jill Keiser

    I went to the website for Ripley + Rue and they have the greatest merchandise! I really liked this ball cap with letters DOG MOM!

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