Funny happy moments

At last month’s Doodle Meet on Mothering Sunday, Waggle Insurance sponsored a photo session – so we can capture our special relationship with our pawrents.

LapDogPhotography was at hand to do the honours. And we had some really lovely shots that captures the happiness of that day.

Me and Mum – she’s wearing our uniform – the Miss Darcy sweater.
Julie and Barnaby
Rusty with Martine
Floyd with Motez and Tamara
Ted with his dads!
A family photo – Dante with his sister, Coco and brother BooBoo – and of course DeDe by his side.
Mari and Krolle
Winnie with her mum and dad.
The two cheeky monkeys – Poppi and Oscar with their Mums.
Davina and Jonny
Sandy and her girls
Little Teddy!

But before all those lovely photos were taken – there were some funny moments … that made us all laugh. We were after all at a Doodle Meet – and these are all impromptu photos sessions with Dana of LapdogPhotogrpahy.

Here are a few to make you smile …

Did you say treats, Julie?
Barnaby’s muzzle got in the way!
Er, excuse me. I am having my photo taken – what are you doing back there?

The cute little dog (not even part of our group) kept photobombing their shoot and reaching up to lick Digby’s privates. Seriously, it’s really not that kind of photoshoot! LOL!

The squeaky toy that Dana was using backfired! All the dogs wanted it!
And Floyd tried to sit on his dad – and they all fell over! LOL!
Krolle was doing a brave lion impression!
And Teddy! Are you starting a conga line? LOL!
Ruby decided to give her sister a lick.

May’s comment: It was a happy meet! 39 doodles having fun on Mothering Sunday – and the photos showed.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the next meet on the 28 April.


  1. Alison Mullett

    Wonderful photos! How warming that people are bought together by their dogs!

  2. Ian Harrison

    Lovely pictures, lovely people, lovely ‘poos!

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