Sunshine at Belgravia Dog Show

In London there are doggy activities almost all the time but one of our favourite is the Belgravia Dog Show.

This is our third year – and every year, the sun comes out for it.

Freddie and I went to see our friends –

Hello Holly of Teddy Maximus!

Mum thought this lovely Teddy Maximus Pineapple bow tie looked really good on George …

And Mum, feeling generous, thought this Pink Fan Art Deco bow tie complemented my colour.

I think Mum was thinking about us wearing it to meet Little Tyke and Mini Tyke when we went to pick them up at the airport.

And we got to meet Jerry from our favourite lead and collar brand – Hindquarters!

Look at all the beautiful colours!

But we really came to the show because we have a special connection with Dogs Trust.

Since my birthday last year, we asked for no presents but instead to donate towards sponsoring a dog at Dogs Trust.

Dogs Trust has a no kill policy which means many of the dogs that cannot be re-homed live out their days at one of their centres. When we found Mr. Darcy on their site, it was obvious who we should sponsor.

Well the good news is that 18 months on, we received a letter today that he has found forever home. His carer, Nat has decided to adopt him – after working hard for months to help him with his issues.

So we’ve been told we now have a new dog that we sponsor – Lola Belle.

We hope Lola Belle will have the same great outcome as Mr. Darcy.

There are always vintage cars on display at the Dog Show – and Mum thought I should wear a wreath of flowers and pose with them.

Ahem, Freddie. What were you doing back there?

May’s comment: Check out Dogs Trust Sponsorship page.

Thank you for another lovely Dog Show.


  1. Jane Groothuis

    My LuluBelle was a Yorkshire terrier, and she was a wonderful and most cherished girl.
    May Lola Belle make another family as happy as we were with our Lulu.

  2. Clare

    Having more luck than me on dogs trust, on about 6/7th dog, all passed away ?

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