Summer has begun!!!!

Friday was the Summer Solstice – and we had to go to work as it was also Bring Your Dog To Work Day. But our summer officially begun last night!

The Tykes have arrived!

Mum took us to the airport yesterday –

we didn’t know who we were going to meet.

We waited

Even wore my new Teddy Maximus bow tie to meet these hoomans we were waiting for.

and waited.

and waited for what seemed like eternity.

Mum asked – Who’s coming?

And then we hear – AUNTY MAY!!!!

Little Tyke (need new name as he’s taller now) and Mini Tyke (still small) were just as happy to see us!

Though 21st June was the longest day of the year and officially marked the start of Summer. But for us, this is when Summer begins.

May’s comment: And we’re altogether again! Happy days are here again.

Summer Solstice was last Friday. But that also means the days will start to get shorter from now on. Strange thought – our summer has only just begun.

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