Düsseldorf Down Time

Düsseldorf is usually a stopover for us on our way home – to visit with friends as well as the vet before re-entering the U.K.

We met up with Manuela to do some shopping.

One of the places we always stop at is Dog’s Deli.

Mum stocks up on their special treats.

And our new friends in London told us about Dogsmopolitan in Oberkassel.

Hi! Is Nadine here? Claire and Poirot told us we needed to come and see you.

She’s busy? OK then we’ll snoop around first.

This room smells of goodness!

Oh yes! Room full of food and treats!!!

And never truer words been printed on a bag.

Hi Nadine!

Soon Nadine came to say hello in the best way – with treats!

And then Mum spotted this –

Treats with Vitamins and CBD!!!! Now we’re talking!

Can this possibly be the answer to George’s anxiety in car trips? Well, we’ll just have to try it out. What do you mean I cannot have any?

And then to something very important we must do. Timing our vet visit with a buffer just in case we get stuck somewhere and can’t get back to the U.K within five days. At the moment we are leaving on the 7th Jan.

We headed off to Vet Zentrum for our check-up and deworming pills.

I know this place well – been coming here about once a year since I was not yet one. George was a little worried as he is always at vets – think Jaffa told him to be worried when they went together once back in London.

In the reception was a lovely old dog and his owners. Bet he’s been here many times before.

He gave us a big smile and said – its all ok, George.

The Receptionist checked our Passports and microchip numbers. All good.

I went for a weigh-in –

9.6kg!!! Woohoo! Good start for the New Year’s. What’s your weight, Mum? LOL!

Mum prefers for me to be below 10kg – so this was good news. And George weighed in at 5.6kg. Must be all that travelling! We eat as normal and in fact we have been eating as well as Mum on this trip.

Time for the vet to give us our pills. I like the treats that they give but I don’t like the deworming pills.

She had to push it down my throat.

Now its George’s turn …

You ok, George?

George just takes it – he eats everything that Scavenger!

You’re taking the pill, George?

So everything’s ok, Vet? Can I have some more treats, please?

All signed off …

May’s comment: It was interesting to hear from the Vet in Dusseldorf about Brexit requirement – they know as much as we do. In her words she said – “It’s like the people. When we go to Great Britain, we get checked. When people come from there, its ok because we know they are all nice people.” That was an interesting take and as we have always known, the Pet Passport was really predominantly for re-entry into the UK. We used it for our travels to Norway and to Malta – who have the same requirement as the U.K. But otherwise it was never even looked at whenever we travelled to Europe.

For more information about post-Brexit travel to Europe – this is one of the most thorough articles – with all the unknowns. Everything you need to know about Post-Brexit Pet Travel to Europe

We have been coming to Vet Zentrum every year since Darcy was not yet even one. I remember on our very first visit I witnessed an animal covered with a white sheet on a gurney being wheeled out of a room – and following behind was a family with two children – they were all sobbing. It was the first time that I had observed the devastation of loss of a pet. I’ve just had Darcy for ten months and it hadn’t occurred to me till then.

This time I saw a candle holder on the counter …

When the candle burns, a family is saying goodbye to their beloved animal.
We ask you to please respect their grief and to speak a little quieter.

Thankfully the candle was not lit this time we were there.


  1. Beate

    Thank you May for the Dogsmopolitan Link. I just ordered a Hyggebed for my cats??


    Super photos, and very interesting. I have to smile at George liking his worming pills, and Miss Darcy saying he will eat anything, he is a scavenger. Cheerio for now.

  3. I love love loves this post,

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