We’re going home via …

Koln, Bruxelles and Paris …

Don’t all roads lead to London?!?!??! Apparently not! LOL!

Due to the train strikes in Paris we had to re-route to Brussels – just as we had to at the start of our journey. Last minute changes meant we couldn’t get Abdul to pick us up till the Wednesday. Mum was pretty chilled. I think she didn’t want to go home to face the daily chores – happy to stay in Düsseldorf for a couple more days.

Then there was a sudden flurry of phone calls. Mum was on the phone with Yaena. She was driving home to London from Paris on Monday. But to avoid the train strikes we were going via Brussels to rent a car and drive to Paris. Why Paris? Because Yaena’s car is parked there.

And that meant we had to leave Dusseldorf on Sunday!!! That was sudden. Mum changed all train reservations – again!

On Sunday morning, Sylvia took us to the station once again – this is like Groundhog’s Day.

We arrived in Koln – and guess who met us there?

Hello Marley!

I was sooooo happy to see my friend, Yaena!

She gave me a BIG hug!

We arrived in Bruxelles and it seems we have a choice – drive in a rental car or train ticket to Paris. We anxiously went to the Information Centre to ask. And it is! Apparently two-thirds of trains to Paris were running even though the strikes continues.

I got cuddles from MY Aunty Yaena while she sat needing some fresh air after travelling all morning from Hamburg to meet us.

Where are you going, Mum?

We couldn’t wait to get on the train – just in case they changed their minds. It was a short hour and a half journey till we arrived in Gare du Nord.

As always, we need to call a taxi – G7 taxi and told them there are two hoomans and three dogs! As most taxis in Paris wouldn’t take dogs, maybe one in a bag but there were three of us! LOL!

Gare du Nord in Paris was crazy busy. Crowds of people watching the Departure Boards to see if their trains were running. Queues and queues of people waiting to board the Eurostar. The streets outside were jammed packed with cars. We waited for almost an hour before a taxi arrived to take us to our refuge for the night.

Back at The Hoxton …

Back to familiar hallways …

There was a lovely note for us –

Isn’t that sweet?

Back in the bed we know –

Though Mum did bring us the Dogs Deli blanket to lie on.

And it was supper time with Forthglade – it follows us to Paris!

Darcy, is it true? Do we have two bowls each?

No, George – it’s a reflection because there are two of you and two of me.

So even if there are four bowls, we will still have to share it with our double.

It’s been a long travel day – bedtime?

The next morning we took a short stroll to Jardin du Palais Royal.

But we must get on with the day. The car has been charged and we will make our way home – finally.

May’s comment: A quick change of plans. When Yaena knew I was delayed in Düsseldorf  and she was passing through Koln to Paris, she asked if we needed a ride back to London! Woohoo!

We had two sets of plans for getting into Paris. We took a train to Brussels and chanced the possibility of taking a train to Paris or we had the chance to rent a car to drive there to get Yaena’s car – yes, all a little convoluted.

Got to spend a night in Paris at The Hoxton. Love the decor.

So we are heading home … long car ride for George tomorrow but we have the CBD treats to trial. Paws crossed.


  1. Cheryl

    Wow, you are amazing, a first class traveler! You handle all these changed plans with such grace and “no big deal” attitude!
    Continued safe travels!

  2. Jan & Peter

    Well done May. How you manage all those travel arrangements is amazing.
    Good trip home and look forward to the next blog.

  3. What an exciting pup-venture,

    I can’t wait for fun things like this…


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