These are very big beasts of the earth!

Walking along Fulham Road, we spotted these two cats sitting in the store window – staring out at the world. Oh, let’s go and say, hello!” said Mummy.

Er, no, not really. And I suppose you want me to pose with them? I could be minced meat in no time.

No, silly Billy!” They are taxidermies. George had met the lioness. “And she definitely didn’t eat him up.”

Well, that’s maybe because he wasn’t appetising! LOL!

OK, this is scary. They are HUGE!!!Can we hurry up?

May’s comment: Darcy looked like a baby cub! Same colouring! 🙂

These animals came from EU Zoos where they died of old age. Buying these animals will help preserve the species remaining alive with the funds collected – they go towards the protection of endangered species.

These taxidermies can be viewed at Museom’s showroom at 255 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HY.



  1. Jill Keiser

    The taxidermist did a great job on the male and female lions! They are so realistic. No wonder Darcy was reluctant to lose with them!

  2. Jill Keiser

    That is, POSE with them (oops)!

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