Back for a Pizza!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!!!!! We’re allowed back at Lievito Pizzeria.

About six months ago, Pizzeria Lievito decided not to allow dogs because of two incidences of irresponsible dog owners. (Entry Denied).

We haven’t been there since – and neither had Mummy.  But when the Tykes were in town, and it is one of their favourite place to go, their daddy asked if we were allowed in. We held our breath, waiting to hear the response. Mummy had noticed that the previous manager was no longer there, so we’re hoping that might help.  The phone rang and Mummy was told to bring her “small cockapoo” along! YES!!!! Another ban had been reverted.

Eager to please, Mummy thought bringing two dogs to a restaurant that had recently refused dogs might be too much. So she put George in his bag.We arrived at Lievito, and Mummy placed George’s bag under the table and without fail, Mini Tyke made her way down to see me.Just then another dog walked in and somehow George had crept out of his “secure” bag and started barking at the other dog! Mummy leapt from her chair and grabbed his lead – absolutely appalled at what had happened! From trying so hard to be discreet with two, we ended up creating commotion. Back under the table, we watched the other dog from ours.No more further incidents after that. So all was fine and we didn’t ruin our chances of returning.

May’s comment: Lievito is back on our Wine and Dine list! Hooray! Nothing like having them change their minds – especially when they serve one of the best pizzas around! But “small” dogs only, as in they can sit under the table, is my guess!

Pizzeria Lievito at 273 Fulham Road SW10 9PZ

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