Möchten Sie Earl Grey Tee?

Ja, wir hatten englischen Nachmittagstee mit unserer Freundin, Sylvia aus Düsseldorf in einem charmanten hotel in Kensington.

Delighting in the traditional Afternoon Tea is one of Mummy’s favourite things to do. Her excuse every time a friend from “foreign lands” come to visit, is to have Afternoon Tea. It is such a quintessentially English thing to do. 🙂

There are a myriad of places we can go to – with us pooches in tow.  This time, we took our latest April visitor, Sylvia, visiting from Düsseldorf to The Knightsbridge Hotel.Just in case you wonder, this was used with permission from Sylvia. She always make funny faces – we couldn’t find one where she looked “normal.” LOL!

Mummy always lives the Chinaware. Even though it is not her favourite tea, she always has Earl Grey – just because …

She loves the sandwichesCucumber, egg, ham and cheese, salmon, etc, etc.  Today they had a goat cheese lollipop!

But scones is what she loves.She decided to do it the Cornish way (left) and the Devon way (right).

For someone with a sweet tooth, she almost never touches the pastries. I think it’s because by them she is so stuffed, she can’t bear to eat them. But not this time! LOL!Looks like she had almost cleaned up the sweets!

On top of it all, Mummy is a big fan of the Firmdale Hotels. There are a few of them in London and one in NYC. As you know, Mummy loves interiors and she feels so inspired every time she visits one.

And look at these doggy-themed decor.

After Afternoon Tea, Sylvia wanted to look at the shops and in the English theme we went to Mulberry What about this electric yellow dress?!?!?! And to Anya Hindmarsh’s bespoke shop on Pont Street. I am not much of a shopper.Except for the occasional “find” in the bins behind the counter, it’s nothing interesting for me.

But very happy to have shared an English  Afternoon Tea experience with a German friend!  Her first afternoon tea.

May’s comment: Whenever a friend comes from abroad to visit, I love taking them to Afternoon Tea – something so quintessentially English. And there’s a pretty good selection of charming places and hotels that allow us to do so.  But one of our favourites is The Knightsbridge Hotel, a Firmdale Hotel. Located on a quiet, leafy street in central London, the interior of the charming Knightsbridge Hotel welcomes guests with Kit Kemp’s genius decor.The Knightsbridge Hotel is selectively dog-friendly and only small and well-behaved dogs are welcomed for Afternoon Tea. And we appreciate greatly their welcoming us to tea. We enjoyed every morsel and Sylvia loved the decor as much as she did the tea!

Located at 1PT, 10 Beaufort Gardens, London SW3 1PX


  1. Cheryl

    Afternoon tea is such a wonderful British tradition. For as many times as I have been to the UK, it’s one I haven’t had yet. I hope to correct that this June. The Knightsbridge Hotel looks like the perfect place to have tea.

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