What a difference a day makes!

That was the day before when we were all scruffy!

Mummy woke up that morning, saw us looking down at her and commented. “Time for a hair-cut, dahlings!

And so it happened.

This is the day after …The magic of the grooming scissors!

Our regular gang have been all over the place since our last grooming. And now we have all come back from “Spring Break” and “Easter Holidays” – ready for a good wash and tidy up! First came Bear, who’s hair has grown but still not long enough for another groom. So it was a wash-n-fluff for him.  He’s still nervous about hairdryers so he had a muffler on. Next is Marley He’s got the big hair look after his blow-dry. LOL! But after a good trim, he’s more proportionate! George, Jaffa and I went for a big walk and when we came home – we knew what we were in for! Jaffa before – she was hiding in her bed hoping no one would find her … and after, all relieved. George wondered if he was up next.He sure was! Already looking handsome, Georgie!Mummy decided he looks best short! George is the best, ahem, beside myself. He loves being washed and groomed. He stands there without a whimper and not afraid of the hair dryer.

Jessie was up next. Now she doesn’t like the noise. And she was particularly hyper that day.And when she was all done, she actually looked like a smaller me! We’re probably related actually as we came from the same breeder! Think we might have the same father!

Next came little Lyra. She was shaking with fear and had us all worried.  But when her mummy went away, she was absolutely fine. Think she was acting up and being a bit of a drama queen! LOL!She was excited to hear her mummy coming to get her though.And showed off how pretty she looked.

Oh, is it my turn next?Mummy said I’m turning grey, not in age grey but dusty grey! Nothing like a good wash to put that right.Mummy made sure my legs did not look like bell bottoms!So that’s it folks! We’re all done for this month!

May’s comment: We have found that five weeks is a good space of time before a lot of them start to matt. We do this on a regular basis and even when they don’t need a proper groom, it is good for them to get used to being washed and brushed. Darcy and George are so used to being groomed, they actually welcome the groomer and not a whimper at all from them. 🙂

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