Easter lunch and egg hunt at M!

Before any hunt or eats, we went to church on Easter Sunday.We bowed our heads and said our prayers.  We know we have to be very, very quiet – even when the hoomans are singing – we are not allowed to sing along.

After church, we met Ellen and Kai who went with us to our Easter Egg hunt at M Restaurant.Ahhh, I see. This is not the same M Restaurant we have been to before. This is the new Grill at Victoria –
I seem to know where we were going …As we entered the Grill room, we saw a cocker spaniel at the other table.
So I knew I was allowed on the chair. But poor little George was on the floor, so the staff asked if he would like a chair too!We both had our own seat at the table.
When the hoomans were served their food, they brought us some food too!

As we ate there was music …

George got in the groove. He was so amusing that the table next to us was exclaiming and a gentleman came by to take a video of him – watch out! I bet it’ll be on Instagram!And then we heard some barking upstairs – I was about to respond when Mummy told me to “Be quiet!”
And the dogs started arriving!All sizes,All hungry
Some bored And this is Martin, the owner or M Restaurant and his pooch, Hudson! It’s not even a special doggy event – this is how dog-friendly M Restaurant is.  There were about ten of us today. All coming for an Easter Egg hunt.Kai and I went in search for those hidden eggs!I spotted one almost immediately! Kai was very pleased with my endeavour.And George had a go at the hunt too! And he also found an egg. Kai got to keep all of them!

So that was our Easter Sunday. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. There were no chocolate eggs for us though. You lucky hoomans.

May’s comment: We’ve been to the original M Restaurant at Threadneedle Street for a doggy event. Since then they had opened up two new restaurants (Grill or Raw), a clubby bar & an attached wine store in Victoria. The menu is high-end steakhouse, mixing beef with fashionable cured-and-pickled small plates.

This was a special Sunday when dogs and children were invited for an Easter Egg hunt.  I have been meaning to check this out – dogs are allowed on regular days but only if you alert the staff when booking and to be seated accordingly.

M Victoria Street Restaurant is located at Cardinal Place, 74 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6SQ

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  1. Cheryl

    What a fabulous place and what a fabulous event! You would never find that in the states, as you well know!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    George getting his groove on. Love it!

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