Happy Easter!

Elaborate Easter decorations at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Their decorations are always spectacular – hoomans passing by always stop to admire and like us, take photographs. 🙂

But no dogs inside, so we sat at the tables on the pavement for a moment while Mummy had a coffee.  They do not serve anything to eat at these tables.

Along the way, we met Gretchen, a schnoodle!May’s comment: Happy Easter! Blessed day.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden always has the most elaborate of decorations for every occasion.A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me, “I don’t know when is Easter. When is it?

I knew the answer but my response was, “Google it!

And then I too wondered how the date for Easter is determined each year since it doesn’t fall into the Gregorian calendar.  So I too Googled and learnt the following:

  • Easter Day of each year is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring on or after the March equinox (between the 19th-21st March).
  • That is because Jesus’ death and resurrection occurred around the time of the Jewish Passover, which was celebrated on the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

The other thing I learnt is that on this holiest of Christian holidays, a lot of people associate Easter with the Easter Bunny bringing Easter eggs – the most commercially recognised symbol of this holiday.  It is thought the Easter Bunny was a German tradition brought to America by the migrants. Both the bunny and eggs are pagan symbols, but as the bunny represents “fertility and new life” while the egg also signifies “re-birth”, and the hollowness of the chocolate Easter egg is suppose to remind us of the “empty tomb” – their symbolism, I would say, have been stretched to make sense of their association with Easter.

We live in a commercialised world.

So if you prefer Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies and celebrate the arrival of Spring – Happy Easter!

And if you celebrate the resurrection of Christ – we say, “He is risen.”






  1. Nancy Koon

    Easter comes from Ostara which is the pagan holiday for the vernal equinox.. (See Pagan Wheel of the Year). The Christians subverted all the pagan holidays to fit their
    ideology and make it easier to convert the people. Very dirty and underhanded if you ask me. I love bunnies and colored eggs, but not a fan of the Christian dogma.

  2. Cheryl

    Happy Easter and He is Risen.

  3. Judith Vogel

    Happy Easter!!
    Thank you for enlightening me about the Easter origins and how to “figure out” when it occurs!
    What a gorgeous site you found….the photos are spectacular.
    ❤️❤️Judy, Jim. Jennie, Bennie and Bailey

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