Eine Fahrkarter fur meinen Hund, bitte.

The unexpected stopover in Frankfurt – and a chance for a catch-up with Beate lead us now to the next part of our travels.

The main station was only a four minute walk away so we took our time.

Hanging out in the lobby of Roomers Hotel.
This is how Mum feels sometimes when she’s travelling with the two of us.

As this was a last minute ticket, we had to buy my dog ticket at the station.

Waiting for our turn to buy a dog ticket for me.

Eine Fahrkarter fur meinen Hund, bitte.”

The man at the counter smiled. “How many? he asked, “One to two?

Mum was feeling proud of herself for remembering the little German she knew – LOL!

So we’re off on the next train ride –

a direct train from Frankfurt to Sargans (Switzerland) where we get off to take a taxi into Vaduz as there isn’t a train station in Liechtenstein.

As the day before, George stayed in his tote bag and I on a leash.

Looking forward to being in Vaduz for another short stopover …

May’s comment: A five hour long journey by train – George travels beautifully in trains – sits so still on his tote bag. But once we got into the taxi on our way to Vaduz, this is what happened – all 20 minutes of the ride …

While Darcy sits there grandly waiting to see where we’re going.


  1. Linda

    Love sharing your adventures. Have a Wonderful holiday. X

  2. I’m with you in spirit! Was in Switzerland and then Frankfurt station with my dog Lottie 3 weeks ago en route for home in Wales.
    Lottie is as calm as Darcy most of the time and then something spooks her and she pants, trembles like a jelly and eyeballs the exit like George. Once back on terra firma, though, she’s cocky and confident as ever.
    I found myself holding my breath in sympathy – best to ignore her I decided!
    Here’s to you all and a very large G&T when you reach your destination.


    Miss Darcy, you are ‘hanging out’ in The Roomers Hotel, just ‘like a boss’. George looks like he is on the case, and in the case, not sure what’s happening in the taxi, except he could have been on the case,checking the scenery to see what good runs he could be having, if only he were off the leash.

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