The fourth smallest European country

Now you ask, which would be the first three smallest?!?!?!

They are:

  1. Vatican City (not sure if they would allow me in there though I am one of God’s creatures)
  2. Monaco – tick! (as in been there and not about those buggers!)
  3. San Marino (destination: April)

Number 4 is Liechtenstein – and ta-da!

This bridge iss the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein

We’re here!

Wearing my Christmas red Hindquarters lead and collar to match the colours of Vaduz!

It’s only just a quick stopover – all 18 hours of it. After all it is a small country.

As we drove into Vaduz, we could see the “schloss” on the hill side –

Vaduz Palace is the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. It gave its name to the town of Vaduz.
Mum, check out if the Prince is in Resident …

The timing was perfect as Park Hotel Sonnenberg closes for the season tomorrow when we leave.

View from our room …

Last night we had a black room – tonight we have a white room!

The concierge found us a dog-friendly restaurant for dinner –

One of the oldest restaurants in Vaduz.

And then it was back to the hotel to rest and prepare ourselves for another long train journey tomorrow.

One last walk

Next morning the clouds came and covered the hills – and it was drizzling.

Out come our raincoats – clever Mum packed for every occasion!

And as part of the tradition, I leave my mark wherever I go.

Though we’re not allowed in the restaurant, we could sit in the bar area for breakfast.

And I met Blue Lamb – and we exchanged stories.

I told him about our journey and he told me all about the people who come and go at Park Hotel Sonnenhof.

May’s comment: The last time we visited Luxembourg, I thought we were going to Liechtenstein! LOL! When we got there, I was looking for the castle I remembered from the last time I was there (more than thirty years earlier) but none to be found. These small European countries starting with “L” can be confusing. 🙂

Liechtenstein – a principality located in the Rhine valley of the Alps ranges with a surface area of about 62 square miles, and a population estimated at around 38,000. German is the official language and Vaduz is the capital city. (The 10 Smallest Countries in Europe) …

Because of our original plans, we were already heading south of Germany – just thought to stopover in Vaduz for the night before heading over to Salzburg tomorrow. And glad we did because it definitely looked Christmassy here –

Eating traditional at Gasthof Au

Veal strips and mushroom with freshly made egg noodles – something I always have when visiting this part of the world.


  1. Anne McCormack

    There are many dogs in Vatican City but they are not allowed in the museums, same as everywhere else. There is great devotion to St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.


    Liechtenstein looks a lovely place, and very interesting. I love the photo of you and George in front of the Christmas Tree. Glad you had a nice conversation with the Blue Sheep, I bet they could tell some tales. It’s easy to get mixed up with destinations, I remember Harry Enfield, (as his character Tim, nice but dim,) he was going to Edinburgh, misheard the speaker system, and finished up in Kuala Lumpur. I see your Mum has matched your wardrobe to your destination, the Christmas Red is very nice.

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