Emerging Fashion

Oh, it’s that dreaded onesie. I’m not very happy when Mummy calls me to her with Equafleece in hand.  Funny thing is that I know it means we’re going to the park.

Maybe it’s the whole process of putting it on.   IMG_2090 The one-eyed lookIMG_2032 The Babushka lookIMG_2033 The very extreme roll-neck for the IMG_2034sleek pares-ski “I’m a ski bunny” look (ears swept back)
IMG_2036Finally I emerge!IMG_2037May’s comment: She really doesn’t like to wear this but she is so torn between the embarrassment and the idea of a park walk that she comes to me with great hesitation. I can understand why! But she’s also very good – after I’ve put in the two front paws, she lifts her back legs so I can slip on the sleeves.   Not my favourite look but boy! Is it convenient! A life-saver. I would caution – brush legs and armpits well after wearing. Do not buy them too tight – it will help with not matting the dog.

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