Crazy Dog Lady

Mummy doesn’t like to be called “Crazy Dog Lady” – she really doesn’t.  But sometimes, well, we’re not sure about her.

It was one of those days where Mummy had a lot of things to do … so Jaffa and I got to go with the dog walker.  When Mummy went to get me, she asked Jaffa to come along. And George went to stay with Maddie – and when she went to pick up George, she thought Maddie might like our company. So we were four!IMG_2044 Jaffa feels so at home – she sleeps in MY bed.IMG_2049 Maddie was looking for some lovingIMG_2058 Then Marley came to visit!IMG_2056 And well, Mr. Fred comes to London.  Today was his first train ride, his first tube ride, his first visit to London!!!!  IMG_2047And we all went to lunch at Maze Grill!  IMG_2084George and I – wondering if we’ll have our home back.IMG_2051But Mummy’s happy! IMG_2066Mays’ comment: No not crazy, just love them. How can you not love them who are crazy in love with us?IMG_2088Left to Right: Maddie (Cavalier King Charles), Darcy (Cockapoo), George (Yorkie-poo-poo), Jaffa (Cockapoo), Fred (mini Schnauzer), Marley (Toy Poodle)IMG_2082And see, four dogs at a proper restaurant. No problems! All sat quietly, and behaved impeccably.


  1. Jill Keiser

    You’re not a crazy dog lady. You’re a Loving Dog Lady! That is the best Lady of all!

  2. I love this post ? we’re all a bit crazy x

  3. Cecilia

    we are all dog lovers and we are blessed!

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