Escaping to the countryside

We may be city folks but we never turn down an invitation to the countryside.

Especially in this hot weather, it’s good to leave the city for greener pastures – but wonder how green it will be.

We took a taxi to Paddington station – and air-con car. Yes!

The station was like a sauna – with glass canopyEveryone was moving slowly. We headed to the lounge to keep cool.And very relieved that the Great Western train coaches were comfortably air-conditioned again – Mummy was a bit worried if they would be.

Things were moving swimmingly along. We got off at Bath Spa to change trains – Yup! We were going up the wrong side of the stairs but it was the station master telling us to do so to avoid the crowds on the other side. We had a good 30 minutes before the next train. George was charming everyone as usual.

Our next train was 12 minutes delayed but as we got closer to the time, the train was cancelled. Now what? There is another train an hour later but Great Western was offering passengers a taxi to get to wherever we needed to go. Alas, we are two dogs and a hooman. The last time we arrived at Bath Spa, none of the taxis wanted to take us either. We waited in the queue wondering if we would get into one when one nice taxi-driver said he would.  Would they sit in the very back, in the boot? Of course not! Mummy negotiated that George will be on her lap and I will sit on the floor. As you know, I never sit on the floor. I always want to be on Mummy’s lap. But believe it or not, I always seem to understand in these situations and I knew what was expected of me – and so I sat quietly during the whole 40 minute journey.George did not only sit on Mummy’s lap but the driver left the window open and he hung out of the window most of the way whenever he felt like it. And he wasn’t stressed.

Hmmm. Could this be the solution?

Mummy held on tight.

We arrived in Bruton – and finally another half an hour drive, we arrived in Gillingham – Dorset country and Hebe’s new home.Hebe and her family used to live in London but they have forsaken our great city for a quieter life. And she wanted to show us where she now lives.

Wow! Look at all that garden and fields to run! And cows in the fields for George to bark at …

Now we know why Hebe moved.Mummy, why don’t we live in the countryside?

May’s comment: Because, because, because … we’re city folks?

But when you realise you could be sitting and looking out to views like this, you start to ask why not.

We sat outside on the patio for a lovely supper under the stars and a moonlit sky. It was still twilight at about 10pm and the skies had cooled down – very comfortable, even a bit nippy. We saw bats flitting across the skies. And Jane told me about the garden mouse, about feeding the ducks and duckings that live in the pond, squirrels traversing the electric cables to avoid the dogs, etc, etc. And reality sunk in. I am not made for the countryside – so many unknowns and most of them would frighten me! I can most definitely enjoy a few days in the country and experience a lifestyle foreign to me.

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  1. Alison

    I agree – lovely to stay for a few days but then it is great to return to the city

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