The earth melted!

It has been so hot in London that it melted the earth!!!

And see what’s underneath the city pavement – another world!!! Cool! Not really. Its hot!

Today will be the hottest day of the year at 36 degrees! It’s safe to say some air conditioning is now a necessity. You could go to if you haven’t got one yet! We’re leaving the city for the country – for some cooling down!!!

But yesterday we had a few things to do. Thankfully everywhere we went had air-conditioning. I’m funny about air quality; I always like to make sure my home is as fresh as possible, for example I get a New Air Filter for my air con every month just to make sure me and my family aren’t breathing in anything harmful. This poses a dilemma for me when I’m out and about in the summer; I wonder when shops last changed their air filters but at the same time I’m always so thankful that they have air con at all!
While Mummy discussed colours, I took to the floor.Oh man! I was having a snooze. Do we have to go upstairs? You just keep on talking, OK Mummy? I’m just chilling.Rusty joined us and we took a short walk between shops in Marylebone – till we arrived at La Brasseria Milanese Yes, I’d like some of that water.

Again, thankfully the restaurant was also air-conditioned An Italian lunch … I really didn’t even bother. I sat under Mummy’s chair the whole time, staying cool while Rusty was still keen to see what’s on offer.Yeah, it’s too hot even to think about food.

May’s comment: What a good excuse to go from shop to shop just to get out of the heat. It wasn’t a long day – had to go and buy a fan, source some cushions at Caravane and lunch with Martine and Rusty at yet another dog friendly Italian restaurant – La Brasseria Milanese. 42 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 5HD

On our way home, we stopped at the Duke of York Square and stopped to take the #parachuteadventure photo by National Army Museum (@nam_london). While w were posing, someone lectured me about it’s too hot for the dog! OK, we were standing there for 5 seconds! Besides we were on our way to the Magnum store for ice-cream!The public transportation is mostly not catered for this weather, so we took taxis everywhere, water at every stop, and luckily all the places we had to go to were air-conditioned. Quite unusual and very grateful each time.

Someone wrote on social media recently – imagine wearing a fur coat and a wool hat, without shoes and walking on the tarmac of city streets. That’s what the dogs have to endure in this heat.

Here’s another chart for these hot days.

For those who are used to living in warm climates, this may not be “too hot” for you – but both humans and animals adjust to the environment where they live. All of Europe is experiencing a record heat wave. As it almost never get this hot in the UK, and over an extended period of time – going on for almost a month now, we are all needing to adjust to the temperatures. Even our usual summer clothes are too hot – we need beach wear! Our homes are also not catered to these weather conditions. At home, all the shades are down, shutters tilted to block the sun and windows opened – but the air is still and heavy that sitting at the computer, I am sweating buckets – thus the fan! I don’t do well in heat – only when I am in a bikini and a pool to jump into. Ah, yes, that is about ten days away.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Enjoy your trip to the country May. If you’re heading Hampshire way it’s 32 here today! Phewww

  2. Liz Burman

    Can I make a suggestion May. Instead of opening the windows during the day. Open them at night when the air is cooler, and then close the house up during the day to keep the hot air out. It’s a bit counter intuitive I know, but this is what I used to do before we had air con. Installed and it did help. Unfortunately the U.K. isn’t built for the heat with most bedrooms upstairs, so it’s stifling by bedtime. Good luck, this too will pass.?

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