Fab Forty February!

We all had a spring in our step – even in February! So many doodles came to play!

As we gathered for our group photo …
Quite a noisy bunch we were!!!

We were a large group – big and small …

The big boys – Digby and Bowie!
Some more vocal than others – LOL!

The Greedy Ones!!!

I seem to be in every photo!

And then there were the Love Struck ones aka Barnaby!

Seeking out Lola the whole time!
There he goes!

And the small ones …

Ivy and George!
And this is live wire Pickle stopped for a moment to take a photo.
Non-stop running!!!!
Look at sweet Saffy – her first meet!
And these two little ones – Oscar and Poppi are not so little any more. We measure their growth at our every meet – and looks like they’re catching up.
Ivy told Betsy Boo about our meet and she came along. Betsy is a Poochon! Wish Winston was here to say hello to her. He’s a poochon too!
Meet Bala, a shih-poo! Her first meet. She happened upon us – and we look forward to seeing her many times over.
Little Teddy, a Maltipoo is back after missing last month’s meet!
Happy Winnie!
And the littlest of them all – Sydney the Miki!
Rightfully muddy paw Ivy, Freddie and Betsy Boo!
Ivy & Jed
And Tilly! Tilly had babies with my Rocko!!!!
Yup! A lot of small ones. Winnie, Saffy, Sydney, Colette.
As for little Jaffa – she was going home after the meet. :(. But so glad she could join us.

Mays’ comment: “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” – John Grogan

Left to Right: Ivy, Teddy, Ash, Fenway, Sydney, Coco, Johnny, Jaffa, George, Stanley, Rusty, Hero, Lucca, Mac, Maisie, Freddie, Bella, Darcy, Buddy, Winnie, Fyfy, Toffy, Barnaby, Hestia, Lola, Colette, Pickle, Bowie, Saffy, Rosie, Digby, Floyd, Monty, Ivy, Jed
Not in the photo: Oscar and Poppi, Archie, Tilly, Bala

So lovely to see all our doodles playing together. So lovely to see so many familiar faces. This was our largest gathering yet – 40! But it’s not in the numbers but the loveliness of the people we have met at each of our meets.

The next gathering will be on Mothering Sunday, 31st March. We will celebrate being Paw Mums and also our pups’ mums.

We hope you will join us at 11am.

Till then – enjoy this early Spring weather.

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