Who’s going to lunch in Richmond?

After our walkies this morning, Mum asked, “Who’s coming to lunch in Richmond with me?”

Seriously? That was a rhetorical question.

Mum said, “But it’s all the way in Richmond.”

Er, so?

She couldn’t decide who to take – so we all jumped into a cab

and made our way to 15 Richmond Hill – to R & H Cafe gallery, a little Persian Cafe.

We came to have lunch with Bruno and Tammy.

The cafe was small but filled with lovely customers.

We weren’t the only doggies in there!

Barnaby’s mum had told us about this place – but it is a menu that Mum is unfamiliar with …

We think George approves.
I approve too. Those sausages look delish!

All good things must come to an end, and we had cuddles with the owner …

We don’t know Richmond. Tammy told us we need to walk up the hill to look at a very special view …

Hurry! Hurry! We’re going to the Terrace Gardens
Look at that view!

No wonder Turner painted this.

England: Richmond Hill, on the Prince Regent’s Birthday exhibited 1819 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

And a P.S. – we stopped for a cupcake, not just any cup cake, a Hummingbird Red Velvet before we left Richmond.

May’s comment:

I was wondering how to take three dogs on the tube with me to Richmond for lunch. As I was getting ready and asked the question out loud, all three faces looked up at me. George started barking in excitement, Darcy’s tail was wagging as if she was about to take off and Jaffa’s huge muzzle almost blocked my view also of her wagging tail. Sigh! I can’t leave any of them behind. I guess I’ll have to take them all. Such a pushover!

So I thought, I’ll get a cab all the way to a station outside of central London as it will be less busy and probably no escalators – I can deal with stairs. Once in the cab, I thought, what the heck! It’s Saturday and I have three dogs! Cab it all the way – can’t deal – LOL! Good decision. Anyway, some day I will be brave enough to drive there.

It didn’t take long for us to get to R&H. What an absolutely lovely little restaurant.

The food is Persian and simply delicious.

I had turkey sausage with eggs!

Small venue, family run and totally dog friendly.

One of the owners with us!

It was worth the trip and will so go back again!

Tammy with Bruno

R&H is a modern Persian Cafe and Art Gallery at 15 Richmond Hill, London TW10 6RE. No reservations and the venue is tight.


  1. Candida

    Looks lovely I must try and come.

  2. Sara Cormack

    What a fabulous day to enjoy the view let’s hope it is the same tomorrow! Good call on the cab it turned it into a treat for you rather than a trek.

    • Miss Darcy

      Just couldn’t deal. Just wanted to enjoy the day rather than be completely knackered!

  3. Sarah Johnson

    Overground train is more dog friendly. Quick walk to Richmond Park or as dog owners know it, “Fenton’s Folly”

  4. Janet Bradford

    Wish I’d know you were coming – I live in a house opposite the view you were by on the hill, pretzel and I could have said hi

    • Miss Darcy

      We’ll be back. Going to try that gastro pub near Petersham Nurseries or is it near Ham House? Do you know it? We’ll go and have a run around in the terrace gardens.

  5. Shirley Bush

    Pity it’s not Richmond North Yorkshire.We don’t have many dog friendly places up hear.x

  6. Sally

    I am always fascinated by your trips out and by all the dog friendly places you go to. I wonder if you have some magic around you as I bet that if I went with Harley we would be turned away! How disappointing that would be! Richmond is lovely for a day out so may head there with Harley one weekend. As always, thanks for sharing!

    • Miss Darcy

      You need to research first – especially in this case – going all the way to Richmond without knowing wouldn’t be a good idea.

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