Feeling melancholy …

I was sitting with Mummy today as she was on Facebook and saw a photo of Zavia on her “memory” page – when we met up in Nice four years ago yesterday.
Ah, little Zavia … she was my “Velcro sister”We had a lot of playdatesAnd sometimes shared her very small bed – But we managed. And sometimes we ran in the rain together and became drowned rats – but still “velcro-ed.”Zavia and I, we started the Hyde Park Cockapoo meet together At our first meet, we had Charlie, Zavia, Rocko and me. I am the only one that still attends. Charlie’s owners are no longer together, Rocko is a little preoccupied with making babies and Zavia, well she doesn’t live here and more.

For not so long after that, Zavia moved away in early 2013 to the south of France with her daddy.  We really wanted to see her again so we took a very long train ride to Nice in September 2013. And this was the moment when I saw Zavia again on the Promenade de Anglais.We went down to the beach and we ran like we always did.We took walks – staying close to each other.After all that running around and walking, we had quiet time together like we always did.We were just cool chicks hanging out in the south of France! After only a short visit, it was time to say goodbye – and we went our separate ways.Zavia eventually moved to Stockholm and a few months later, in March 2014 we went to visit.We met up in a park and we started to do the doodle dashBut something had changed and we were no longer running together in the same direction.We ran in different directions.  I guess sometimes in life, friends take different paths.

Zavia will always be special to me and I remember fondly the many hours we’ve spent together and the fun we had growing up in London. I think of you often, Zavia.  I hope you are well.

May’s comment:  Darcy seems to always remember her friends – Zavia, Taggy, Rocko whom she met them when she was still very young.  They have since moved away or have not seen some of them. But whenever we have met up, she is always so excited to see them but they don’t seem to remember the connection.

It was a very special time in my life to have met Zavia’s owners. Thank you Stacy and Lucas for some very special memories. People come into our lives and some stay and others quickly go. But the memories linger and I truly appreciate the impact you have brought to my life. Maybe someday we will meet up again.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Zavia and Miss Darcia sure made a cute twosome of happy friends!

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