We all say “No” to Puppy Farming!

It was the Sixth Pup Aid event in Primrose Hill – and a beautiful day for it!

Look at all those hoomansAnd dogs! They came in force – All breeds, size and colour! Some were more laid back than others who just had to be cuteand posed for lots of photos. And some were just “still life”There were none that looked like me!But something peaked my interest  – needed to buy a raffle!As we walked around the Pup Aid event, many of the stands were about saving pups from horrible situation.And for this, we were very touched by how many hoomans care.Not just in the UK but also abroad.We had supported Nowzad once when I had my portrait painted by Sara Abbott who gives a donation to a chosen charity for every painting she does.And mine was for Nowzad.

And this was a cause that’s close to our hearts. We have been supporting Soi Dog Foundation in helping them end dog meat trade in China, Thailand and Vietnam.There’s still so much to do in animal welfare today. The world has many issues, many things not right and our causes may seem insignificant in comparison, so we are grateful to the many who fight for our rights – our voices.

And there’s another familiar sight – its DOTS London!We definitely know about them. Again, it was through the very talented Sara Abbott who was helping to raise money for the charityOf helping dogs of homeless people on the streets of London. And there amidst the stand was Sara and her latest portrait – and we know that face!We can’t wait till Aunty May-Mei sees this portrait of our cousin Molly who lives in New Jersey, the US of A! Mummy had it painted for her sister. Now we all have one each – painted by Sara Abbott.

Alongside all those stands about animal welfare, there were many who were more hands on with our daily existence. Lots of food recommendations and health matters to be concerned with.  We purposefully stopped at this stand – Canine Massage for free muscular health checks.I had a go Felt nice to be massaged.I passed the test and no concerns.

Then it was George’s turn and Mummy told the lady that he has a luxating patella.She had a good feel of his muscles.And the verdict – his front muscles were very tight and solid from overcompensating his back legs. His luxating patella, typical of small breeds, popped out now and then when he’s running and so he uses his front legs more.

After our massage, we went to look for our friends Rusty and Lucca.

Ah, there’s Rusty with Martine and Jim in the competition ring. They’re the six finalists for the owner and dog lookalike!And they came in fifth!Congratulations Martine and Rusty! (Photo compliments of Jim S.)

May’s comment: Charity Pupaid was founded seven years ago by animal welfare campaigner and vet Marc Abraham. The annual event in Primrose Hill raises awareness in hoping to eradicate puppy farming in the UK. The event features a lot of other charities all concerned about dog and animal welfare.


  1. Rusty

    Fun day ????

  2. Wonderful as always to see you and the gang – what a fantastic day for fun, frolics but mostly education and raising awareness of the terrible plight your distant cousins face around the world. Thank you so much for summing up the day so well. Till we all meet again -Sara xxx

  3. Steph and The Spaniels

    Looks like you had a great time, and so important to raise awareness too xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

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