Feeling woozy

George had a follow-up appointment at the Royal Vet Hospital.

It’s been seven weeks since his operation to remodel his femur due to the state of his degenerative cruciate ligament.

Check out our new set of leads and collars from Hiro + Wolf – Mum has a cross-body lead for me so she can have both hands to carry George. And in our favourite pink colour.

Mum was worried as to how his little chicken leg seems splayed.

She had noticed it has been like that since the early days after the surgery,

George in the observation room waiting for the vet.

Mum took lots of photos of his splayed leg.

Mum told the vet of her concern, though he seems to be in no pain. He still limps ever so often.

Ben, the vet examined him thoroughly and explained that the splayed leg seems to be a common effect after these cruciate operations.

He pulled and tucked at his leg and was amazed by George’s mobility. He was not bothered except for one thing – which had nothing todo with the surgery.

Ben also explained that with the smaller dogs, they still tend to limp a little – partly because they have been used to doing so but also with any discomfort they would rather lift the leg. However this is not the case with bigger dogs who have to use their legs to balance themselves while the little ones just caper along on three.

Despite all that tugging and pulling, George still wanted cuddles and wouldn’t let Ben alone while he was writing up his observations.

George needed an x-ray to see if the plate they inserted is in place and how the joints healing. As much as he loved all the attention, he wasn’t pleased to see Mum leave.

Belinda and Freddie had driven us to the Vet and it would be a couple of hours before we will pick him up after his sedation.

So off we went to The Harvester – for a run – and to celebrate our Gotcha Day. Funny that Freddie and I share the same day – though two years apart.

And we had a Sprinkles Pu-cake each to celebrate.

After just two hours, we were told that George is ready to go home. We went to pick him up and he seemed a bit woozy.

And a bandaged leg for the sympathy vote.

The x-rays showed that the plates are all fine but there’s still a hairline where they had cut his femur. He will still need to be on controlled walking for the next eight weeks and not jumping and stairs. That means he will be sleeping in his crate for the next two months because he has a tendency to jump up and down the bed playing with his toys when we go to bed. But the important thing now he must use his leg and put weight on it in order for the bone to fuse.

We have to come back in eight weeks to have another x-ray to be sure that his bones have fused properly.

Poor little George. But at least now Mum doesn’t have to carry him every time we’re out. Just up and down the stairs and he will still sleep in his crate.

May’s comment: Poor little mite. He was still woozy and falling asleep in my arms.

But we’re home, well from Sunday onwards as Darcy and I are off to Dogstival tomorrow. He’s back with Martine and Rusty.

The last few weeks when Darcy and I were on the road, he stayed with Sara and then Martine. Getting lots of cuddles –

And selfies!

And became BFF with Colette.

George and Colette – the Yin and Yang!

Thank you Sara and Martine for taking care of my little man. Soon things will be back to normal – well, almost. For another eight weeks.


  1. Tracey & Sydney

    Glad that George is on the mend albeit still a little way to go. Brave little man ? xx

  2. Liz Burman

    Precious little George. Pleased he’s progressing well.❤️❤️

  3. Cheryl

    So glad to see pictures of George, and so happy to know he is on the mend!
    Safe travels.

  4. Sara Cormack

    Great news George, all your crate time has been worth it! We are all missing you but particularly Colette!

  5. Gill

    Wonderful to see little George getting better ,I’ve missed the little guy although loved seeing you and Darcy’s fabulous trip .Soon it will be back to a threesome .love you all xx

  6. Laura Cordovano

    I just love this little guy. I’m so disappointed to hear he has to stay in the crate another 2 weeks. This has been a long haul for that little love bug.

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