George and the Mouse

Mum calls George a little Rat sometimes. That’s why we thought to get him this fab Max-Bone jumper when we were shopping in L.A.

We think the colour looks fab on him.

And those Mickey Mouse ears are adorable!

I tried on a Mickey Mouse jumper too but it wasn’t my colour …

May’s comment: After more than two months of no grooming – little George is looking a bit scrappy –

Look at his little nose!

and when he came out of his sedation, he was feeling a little cold – so this cute little Max-Bone Mickey Mouse sweater was just perfect for the occasion.


  1. Cheryl

    George, you look adorable in everything!

  2. Sara Cormack

    Pawfect on you George.

  3. Liz Burman

    Love your new jumper Georgie, really suits you especially the ears!?

  4. Laura Cordovano

    I just want to hug that little guy soooo much. The sweater looks great on him. Poor baby must be so confused. I hope his appointment went well. Xo

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