Finally George is social!

Thanks to self-distancing George has now finally earned his own Instagram!

For years, our followers have asked Mum – George should have his own Instagram or Blog or Facebook page!

NO WAY! Mum used to say – I have no time.

Well, that is no longer the excuse. LOL! And something happened last night when she was lying in bed and just decided to set up an Instagram account for George!

What really happened was she took this photo of George at bedtime –

It was the usual night time ritual – George picked a toy and after running to the living room and then realised we weren’t playing, he came back to the room and since his leg op, he would ask to be picked up.

Mum captured that moment and loved the pic. She wanted to post it but realised that all my IG followers don’t really care too much about George. Someone said – most people don’t really like to see pics of black dogs. Well, Mum decided that will not be the case about George because he is not just another black dog!!!

She also has probably a lot more beautiful pics of George and she wanted to share them. So there and then, she decided she wanted to share George’s photos.

Helping to spread the news …

May’s comment: I really don’t have the time to be doing three, potentially four Instagram accounts but I have so many pics of George that I love. He is very photogenic and his big brown eyes are just beautiful with his not all black hair, but tones of silver and bronze highlights. Of course his snaggle tooth that features every now and then. And not to mention he looks fab in clothes. He’s a boy model!

So I decided it was time to showcase him – and my photography. LOL!

And I wanted to do a stylish Instagram account – so jealous of those beautifully stylised ones. I won’t be at that level of professionalism but because he’s black – it’s just easier in some ways.

Darcy is too blond and too colourful – her colours make it hard to do stylish. Sorry D! Might abandon you for awhile. 🙂

Follow him if you will – and I look forward to sharing beautiful pics of him – of course I am biased.

And just in case you’re wondering – no, blog! I am thinking of changing it to Miss Darcy & George’s Adventures. Same for Facebook. Even during social distancing and soon London Lockdown or self-isolation …


  1. Gillian Horton

    Lovely news May ,they both deserve to be seen .Two beautiful pooches . I’ll certainly enjoy seeing moe of Georgie

  2. Cheryl

    I’m following the little imp! I think he is adorable, snaggle tooth and all!
    George you have wriggled you way into all our hearts!

  3. Laura

    Hooray!!! Congratulations little prince ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kathy

    I think he is gorgeous. I always have. Will look forward to seeing him and Darcy on instagram

  5. Sian

    I am going to be a follower for sure!!


    Wonderful news, well done Gentleman George, you are so handsome and loveable. Look forward to seeing your photos. I love the photos on here, they are georgeous. You have an amazing pedigree, love your ‘snaggle’ tooth, it is very distinctive. xxx

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