We’re ready …

Rumour has it that London will soon be in lockdown.

It hasn’t happened yet. The Prime Minister announced yesterday that all bars, restaurants, cafes, leisure centres, gyms, theatres and cinemas must be closed for business indefinitely.

And today when we went out – we saw all the familiar places all closed.

We have been preparing for the worst scenario – which is yet to come. Mum made sure she stocked up our Honey’s Real Dog food and the pumpkin puree for the next six weeks. We can of course re-order but it gives us a bit of time while the world goes crazy with stockpiling.

Honey’s is a small artisan company and like everybody else, the effects of the Covid-19 will also affect their staff availability and production. This way we are prepared and give ourselves time to re-order.

Just like Mum getting her hair done last week, it was our turn this week. She booked us in to have our grooming sessions – for the fear that if there’s a lock down we would look a complete mess at the end of twelve weeks!

At The Pet Spa

Our annual check-ups are in April but we brought it forward by a couple of weeks just in case.

We are both fine!

I weighed in at 8.50kg!!!!! Vet said – perfect weight! I say – oh no! That means no increase in food!

But we have been told that the hospital vets are considered to be “key workers” for the welfare of pets. Our MediVet in Kensington is a 24-hour emergency clinic so we were relieved to hear that.

Do you remember Mum was decluttering when we moved? She also disliked our puzzles. She gave away some of them but somehow kept three of them in storage. Well, thank goodness. Because there isn’t a whole lot left to do except for walkies by ourselves. Now we get to play with these puzzles every afternoon.

Problem with this – Mum has to pick up all the pieces after we’re done!

This one is easy …

But it keeps rolling into corners …


George can’t do this one … the slides are tough and he doesn’t have the strength to move them.

But me – no problem!

I bash them till they move!

To make sure that we are NOT over-treated and gain all the weight that we have lost, Mum got Furry Chef organic treats that are itsy-bitsy to fill these puzzle games.

We’re stocked up on these as we will be playing with these puzzles for the forseeable future.

So as we continue to practice social distancing, and ready to hunker down for when there will be lock-down – we’ve been groomed to last six weeks – just in case. We have re-stocked so we won’t be without food for the next month. We’ll be going on walkies just us three.

We’ll come home to snooze

And play with our puzzles.

See you all on the other side.

May’s comment: It has been a flurry of activities these last few days when you know the impending restrictions will be happening – eventually as we escalate up the epidemic curve. Yesterday’s announcement to close all these gathering places became necessary. People still hanging out at pubs and going to the gym. There will always be those who think they are invincible. A lot of people are equally afraid of being alone. But they don’t think that it is not just about them – it’s about spreading the virus to others.

So as we hunker down and social distancing, we must stop thinking ME and start thinking about WE.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay socially distant but remember to look out for each other. Big virtual hugs. And keep washing your hands!

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  1. Anne McCormack

    Stay safe, May. A shame the group meets are cancelled but we must all protect each other.

    At least we have the Internet to communicate and our dogs to keep us warm.

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