Follow the trail to The Dog Show

Mummy told us there’s a “Dog Show” in Brighton this weekend, so we took train from London Bridge …IMG_8312it took all of about an hour to get there.
IMG_8315 We arrived at Brighton Train Station and using Google Map, Mummy navigated us through the busy streets till we turned off into Sillwood Road. And when we saw these dog “markings”IMG_8321 Along the pavementIMG_8324We knew we were on the right track!  And the number is dog markings seem to grow in numbers as we walked alongIMG_8326 Ahhhh, I am beginning to realise it is not a “Dog Show” as we know it.IMG_8328It is part of the Artist Open Houses series.IMG_8329And so we have arrived at THE DOG SHOW at 33 Sillwood Road in Brighton!IMG_8330There were a lot of dogs at the show but they weren’t “showing” as we know it …IMG_8363 Their owners came to see the dog-inspired artIMG_8406 Or they came to be sketched by Sally MuirIMG_8362We were more curious about some 
IMG_8386– than others. 🙂IMG_8383 But this is Sally’s dog, Nell – she was a little grumpy – didn’t blame her, so many dogs and humans had invaded her space.IMG_8358There were also a lot of “fake” dogs!IMG_8354(Papier mâché dogs by Lorraine Corrigan)IMG_8348And look at these knitted dogs!  Think we’re getting one of me and one of George knitted! 🙂IMG_8349(Knitted dogs by Muir and Osborne)

And little miniature extraordinarily life-like needle-felted dogs – Mummy asked if the artist would do one of a cockapooIMG_8345(Felted Fido by Dee McCracken)

And wire dogs! IMG_8346(Wire dogs by Bridget Baker)

Flower dogs!IMG_8347(Electric Daisy Flower Farm)

And dogs that light up! IMG_8352(Myra Heller Light Art)IMG_8337IMG_8407And of course there were drawings and paintings by our lovely friend Sally MuirIMG_8409(Art by Sally Muir)
IMG_8340This is Potato Art also by Sally Muir. Mummy said when she did potato art in school, they never came out like that!

What did I like best? Take a guess.IMG_8356Those treats were works of art too!  They were home-made and very,very good – peanut butter and dates.  They were just a little out of reach …

But Mummy liked all the cakes at “Orlando’s Cafe” in the kitchen – they were delicious, according to Mummy.IMG_8359Oh, and in the kitchen were the Danger Dog seriesIMG_8335 (Danger Dogs)IMG_8336

May’s comment:  A feast for the eyes! So many things I would love to have and have asked if the artists could do Cockapoo versions. So will have to wait and see.

The Dog Show is a part of the Artist Open Houses and Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir have opened their home to dog-inspired art by eleven artists.IMG_8339

The Artists Open Houses festival are in Brighton, Hove, Ditchling, Rottingdean and the Ouse valley.  On every weekend in May (30th April – 30th May), artists open their homes and studios featuring everything from sculpture and painting to jewellery, ceramics and textiles.



  1. MegantheWelshTerrier

    We missed you by a day. We were there today with MegantheWelshTerrier.
    It is a great house, although the owner came across as being a little worn out.

    • Miss Darcy

      This is their third weekend and two more to go. Think it would wear out most people. Love the miniature sculptures.

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