It’s Friday and it’s “goodbye, Charlie”

It’s Friday and it means Charlie goes home to his Daddy at day’s end.IMG_8272As much of an annoyance as he can be, stealing our toysIMG_8065 insisting that the bed under Mummy’s desk is his IMG_8054 and taking over our place at bedtimeIMG_8071Even when George confronts him, he does not budgeIMG_8237We really do get on
IMG_8271He is a part of our lives
IMG_8078It is nice having his company
IMG_8262But come Friday evening, he’s gone again …IMG_8266And it’s just us two – and Mummy.  We do miss him when he’s not here.

May’s comment: It’s not easy having three and especially when Charlie is such a needy pup. He definitely has separation anxiety. When he’s left with Darcy and/or George at our place, he’s absolutely fine, except I get mauled by him when I return. He needs to be carried and hugged before he settles down again. My poor other two just look on and wonder why they don’t get the hugs and cuddles.

I made the mistake of leaving him with someone he didn’t know when I took Darcy to the movies. I had left George with another neighbour and couldn’t leave the both of them at one place.  Even though my neighbour was at home with his two dogs, Charlie pee’d and he poo’d in my neighbour’s house, not once but twice all within three hours. That didn’t go down well. Oops! But it made me realise that he does feel comfortable at our home and he can be left as long as he’s with Darcy and George.

We love Charlie. He’s always welcomed at ours whenever we can, we would have him stay.IMG_8260

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