Four more beach days …

And five more sleeps.  All too soon we will be leaving this place and making our way back to London.

I’ve been so spoiled – beach, beach, beach and more beach!

See how brave I’ve become!

I used to be afraid of the waves. But these days I search and discover things in the water!I am looking scruffier by the day!What do you think of my new look?  Sand on my nose is the norm and to be expected! LOL!

The other day when running on the beach,

we even saw a rainbow! Note – my good recall!And when it rains, it pours!!! Even then it is beautiful.

May’s comment: Special times for Miss D! Several of you asked if I miss her terribly. I miss her but not terribly. I think it is healthy to spend time apart, especially when I know she’s having a great time and very well looked after. I’ve been away and circumstances allowed this to happen. And it is quite a good thing for me and George to have our time alone – though I think he’s a bit bored with my schedule – hairdresser, grocery shopping, MOT for car, post office – not fun places for George. LOL!  But he had many dates with his gal pals!


  1. Laura Cordovano

    What a great time Darcy is having! How will you ever top that? 🎃

  2. Alison Mells

    Loving this blog, the beaches in East Lothian are amazing
    We have two toy poodles and a cocker and spend many days walking the beaches here .
    Your darcy is amazing Alison

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