Be good – Lucky and Polo!

After speaking to a few people on the island, their family decided not to send Lucky and Polo to Army Dog training camp! Phew!!!

We cannot imagine these two innocent faces going to Army Boot Camp.When Lucky still can’t decide which way his ears should go …And Polo only loves to sleep on the cool tiled floors under the children’s bedroom.

With all that innocent face, they’ve been really up to no-good – since Mummy left a week ago, they’ve chewed on the door handle where they were tied sometimesThey chewed the leg of a plant holderAnd the corner of an antique Chinese table!!!! This was the final straw!And then they started to discover drains!!!!Time to get them to a trainer – and thankfully they found The DogFather.

So off they went in the car, Lucky wanted to be in the driving seat.thinking they’re going with the kids on a road tripLucky was curious when Daddy got out of the carThey’re both curious what he was doing – not quite the beach yet.And Lucky even wanted to drive.But when they got out of the car – it wasn’t the beachInstead they were being led to their trainerAnd their “home” for the next month.We hope that here at The Dog Father training and kennel – they may learn some discipline …The next time Mum sees you – she expects 100% recall, walk to heel and not jumping!

You mean they will behave better than George and I?

May’s comment: Really sweet and happy dogs but at five months they don’t know any better.

The first day home, June 2018
Sasha with LuckySkye with PoloAugust 2018 October 2018 – at five monthsCan’t wait to see them again.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Lucky and Polo are pretty large for 5 months and they are both gorgeous! Hopefully their training will keep them from chewing on valuable furniture!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    My original Westies, Tess and Daisy, loved to chew on wood. This brought back such memories. They chewed up the spindles between the legs of my antique chairs. Ate right through them! I knew it was temporary puppy behavior and started spraying everything with that bitter apple spray. It sort of worked. I have furniture pieces in storage that I will see their bite marks on that I had never noticed before and I have a good cry. I miss them soooooo much. The furniture not so much. 😉🤗❤️

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