Fringe trim, Madame?

We are at the most dog-friendly hair and beauty salon – ever!!!Whenever I come with Mummy to get her beautified, I get greeted immediately. Hi Fiona!!!

I have to go behind the counter as the girls want to say hello. Then it is up those stairs – c’mon then, Mummy dearest, we have an appointment to keep.  Here come the onslaught of affection – which I like, but George likes it even more! Hi Mario!!!

I am led to the chair … er, sorry, I don’t think I’m the one who has the appointment. Easily mistaken, I’m sure – Before I settle down, there are all sorts of things happening – is that anything delicious you have in the bowl?

Hair salons are not an exactly fun places for me nor George to come to but we’re with Mummy and we get all the attention. We’re super appreciative of how welcoming they are. They seem to hire dog-lovers!!!

May’s comment: Been going to Richard Ward Metro Spa for ages – even before Darcy. When I asked if I could bring her as a puppy, I decided I wouldn’t change my hairdressers for anything! They used to have the girls walk Darcy when she was a restless puppy but she soon learnt the drill. Same for George.

Located at Duke of York Square, London.


  1. Cheryl

    What a marvelous salon!! Lucky you!

  2. Julie

    Brilliant. Wish more places were like this

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