“Sleep tight my handsome man, I love you lots xxxx”

When posting on Instagram last night, we came across the news about Pudsey, the dog that shot to fame when he won Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, had crossed the rainbow bridge.

His owner, Ashleigh Butler posted on Instagram that they had to make the difficult decision to let Pudsey Bear go. He had acute leukaemia.

R.I.P. Pudsey – you did us dogs proud. You made hoomans look at us differently, you charmed the nation with your clever tricks. We remember fondly when we first saw you dance to BC52 tune The Flintstones.

There’s a big gap in our doggy world tonight. We will miss you.

May’s comment: We met Ashleigh and Pudsey briefly at a Dogs Unite event in June 2014.From all of us, we say thank you, Ashleigh for sharing your love affair with Pudsey, for showing the world how dogs are really “human” – that they are our best friends.While you’re hurting like you’ve never hurt before, we hope that the memories of the joys and love you’ve had for eleven years with your wonderful little man will see you through. Big hug.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Thanks for the video on Ashleigh and Pudsey. What a fascinating talent and connection the two of them had. How sad he had to say goodbye at a relatively young age but what memories he has made for us all!

  2. Cecilia Lin

    What incredible talent! RIP Pudsey, you will be greatly missed!

  3. Rest in Peace dear Pudsey this is so sad to here ?

  4. Laura

    Can’t imagine how ashleigh must be feeling.sleep tight beautiful, clever pudsey. Xx

  5. Rose

    RIP little one, you have made your family proud. Prayers for your mummy.while you cross the rainbow bridge one day you will meet again.

  6. Julie Entwistle

    Poor Ashleigh must be distraught. I’m in floods of tears just watching and seeing the incredible bond. I understand the bond we get with our little fur babies and the loss of them that is unbearable x

  7. Nancy Koon

    My heart goes out to Ashleigh. What an amazing little “person”.

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