From Hebe to Lola, West Country to East Midlands

One last morning run … waking up everyone else in the house because I love barking at George when we run …And then it was bye-bye Hebe. Thank you for having us to stay. We learnt quite a bit about the country where we live.

Our journey home, well, uneventful. The train was late – all of one minute. Mummy and Jane tried something new on George and it seemed to have worked just a little on his anxiety in the car. They had some discussion about it and Mummy will tell you more about that later. On the train journey home, he was so relaxed and fell asleep on Mummy’s arm.We had so enjoyed our weekend and were sad to leave Hebe and her wonderful hoomans, but Mummy told us we also had a surprise waiting for us when we return. Wonder what it could be.

After we got home, we hardly had any time before the doorbell rang – and we smelt someone familiar. We haven’t seen Lola since April when she came all the way for my birthday.

Lola and Sam have come from Rutland to London for our Hyde Park Doodle Meet.  And it looks like rain – the much needed rain – some won’t complain.

We told Lola’s mother, Sam about our new favourite shop, Love My Human and they were excited to see it too.  Afterall, when a girl goes to London, she needs to go shopping!While there Mummy thought we needed to try Slurps, a broth to add to our food.And Lola, well, she got not one but two bandanas – as well as a Slurp. Look at all the things we have bought from Love My HumanTwo Max-Bone bunnies, two bandanas and Slurps!

It’s been such a treat to have visited Hebe in the West Country to having Lola come to us from East Midlands – .

May’s comment: Thank you Jane, Christoph and Hebe for welcoming us into your home and sharing your world with us. Thank you Sam and Lola for making such an effort to join our Hyde Park Doodle meet. When Darcy and I began our journey more than seven years ago, we very much thought we were on our own. Who knew that our relationship has brought us friends from far and wide – even across continents and oceans.


  1. Annie Rhodes

    And even with people you have never met! Like me!

  2. Kamm

    So sorry we missed you all today – hope to see you st the August meet . Harley and Kiki

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