We celebrate the rain!

After weeks of hot, humid days of summer …we were so happy that it finally rained!

On with the yellow raincoat – we went for our morning walkMy hair gets curly in the rain, but my pink bow stayed onWho ever thought we would love the rain this much – to be smiling because we’re getting wet!The days will come when England gets back to the norm – cool days, rainy days – but let’s not forget the weeks of very hot, humid days when even I couldn’t sleep on Mummy’s bed, I needed the coolness of the bare wooden floors. And when Mummy is usually happy for me or George to snuggle up in the bed, she pushed us away because our body heat was too warm for her. When we went in the heat of a very hot day in search of a fan – when it was sold out just about everywhere. When we worried about the parks turning brown. Let’s appreciate the reason for rain – to keep the plants alive – and our parks beautiful and we can snuggle under our duvets once again.

May’s comment: Loving the coolness the rain has brought. Of course it always happens after I’ve bought a fan!  We’ve missed, we love it and soon we hope the parks will be green again.

Photo credit: B. Scher

Yellow raincoat: from Ellie Dog Wear



    Beautiful Miss Darcy ?❤️

  2. Cheryl

    Rain, when you haven’t had it in awhile, is so rejuvenating!
    Darcy, you look so smart in your yellow raincoat! Where’s George?
    Did the rain have an impact on the Doodle meet-up?

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Love that yellow raincoat Miss D, you look very stylish!?

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