From Southampton to Harrow

We had a travelling Saturday. How was yours?

An early morning rise, a quick walk around the block and we drove down to Goodwood.

After that long two hour plus drive, we arrived at Goodwood Revival – We saw throngs of people all dressed up in their 50’s outfit.  We were super excited to have arrived but we were not allowed out of the car!Because it was simply too muddy – Mummy said!!! And then before we knew it, we were going home to London. What was that all about?

As we drove through the pretty English countryside,

we simply enjoyed being in the car.

I was relaxing in Mummy’s arms while I felt the air on my face and the wind in my hair and ears.

George loved it too – but he gets a little too excited and Mummy held onto him for dear life.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped out the window.

Back in London, it was a quick turn around and this time we headed up north – this time on the tube to Harrow-on-the-Hill. We went to visit with friends and met up with Galileo.He’s a F2 Cockapoo who comes to our meets, but we knew his owners before he came along.

But poor Galileo wasn’t having a good time with George – who barred his teeth and rattled Galileo.Even when he was snuggling up to his daddy, George would decide to barge in for some attention. And poor Galileo was terrified.
He went and sat further away.And conveniently, Darcy and George took over his position.Our friends found a dog-friendly pub – except we were only allowed in the bar area.By the time we left, the sun was setting over the valleyAs we walked through this green stretch. Can I go off lead, Mummy?Yay! I finally got to run around a little after a whole day of sitting in cars and trains. But not the two G’s! Galileo is only one and George is unpredictable. Especially with the sun setting, they were not going to risk letting George off!

We think Galileo was relieved to leave. Even then George sat his human brother’s lap!He was pretty distraught.But there was peace at last as we all journeyed back to central London on the tube.May’s comment: It was a long day. We drove to Goodwood (south of London, near Southampton) to pick up some furniture … and came back straight away. But it was such a spectacle to see all the attendees dressed up in their 50’s outfits and all those classic cars.

Then it was up to north of London to visit with some friends. And Galileo – the most original name yet! The Castle – a classic Victorian pub with open fires, wooden floors, original lamps, wall clocks and fittings. Dogs only allowed in the bar area. 🙁   It was crowded but as the weather was turning out to be nice, we sat in their back garden. 30 West St, Harrow HA1 3EF



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  1. Laura Cordovano

    I love the different ways Darcy and George experience the windbon their faces. Just precious.

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