Mummy ate a flower!

Another new restaurant in Pimlico, London to try out with our friends Julie …and Barnaby!Mummy ordered something a little different for lunch today …It’s very colourful, I’ll give it that …But there’s not a lot on that plate.And there are flowers in the mix.

Mummy, you are not going to eat the pansies, are you?No, Mummy – don’t eat the flower.I’ll have it insteadNow how did it end up on my head?And now it’s landed in our bowl of water.That got Barnaby’s attention – and he’s going to have it!!!!No he didn’t. Thank goodness he knew better.
See, I told you no one thinks you should eat a flower for lunch!

And that flower came from behind this counter!There wasn’t much cooking involved – I think they plucked it from a pot!

Just kidding. Mummy did eat the flower and she survived!

May’s comment: Having met Julie and Barnaby, we’ve been discovering their part of the world.

There were the usual places we always went to – Thomas Cubitt, The OrangePeggy Porschen, Tom Tom Coffee House – all very dog friendly, and then there were ones we could sit outside Baker & Spice and Daylesford.

But Julie and Barnaby found a few more – 11 Pimlico Road and R Chocolatier and now Cambridge Street Kitchen.

We are on a mission – expanding the knowledge of dog-friendly neighbourhoods!Love the quirky decor – looked like Darcy and Barnaby were on a date. 🙂

Cambridge Street Kitchen – A homey restaurant within Pimlico’s boutique hotel, Artist Residence Hotel it serves a seasonal British menu, from pancakes to burgers. 52 Cambridge St, Pimlico, London SW1V 4QQ


  1. Cheryl

    Darcy and Barnaby are so cute together! It does look like they are on a date!

  2. Julie James

    We should have got a picture of the waiter eating the flower! ?

  3. Rusty

    Many flowers are edible. Ask mummy which ones as she knows all about flowers ?? see you soon Rusty x

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