From Wales to London

In May 2011, after a very long car ride all the way from Wales, the driver took me to what I eventually realised would be my new home. There I met Mummy and this other lady, Tracy. I was very curious about this new place so I snooped around and did what I instincts told me – mark my territory on the grey silk rug! There was a lot of commotion and before I knew it, this lady, Tracy whisked me away. I hardly had any time to explore this new place and didn’t really get to meet Mummy before I found myself at another home. Very confusing.

This lady, Tracy is a dog trainer at Precious Pooch. Basically, Mummy sent me away to finishing school for two weeks. Mummy was being realistic and practical. She realised that we’ll both have a better start to our relationship if I am already house-trained.

Apparently I whined a lot. Tracy would leave me in the kitchen and told me to be quiet. I tried all sorts of new things. I chewed up remote controls and teddies. I was taken out of the house so I can release myself on pavements – what happened to the grass? And she started calling me “Darcy” – I was Lulu to begin with. I quickly learnt to respond to Darcy because it came with treats – whatever works.

We did meet up with Mummy briefly when Tracy took me to the vet to get my injections. Mummy held me tentatively partly because she’s not used to holding a dog, but I think she wasn’t so keen that I was still smelling like the kennels.


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