Funny Hugo

We had a visitor today.  This is 4 month old Hugo who came along with his mummy for a photo shoot.

I was of course being territorial and watched his every move. I wasn’t happy him being here.IMG_9208He’s such a puppy and he wanted to play … but we had some serious stuff to do.


Because he couldn’t settle, his mummy had to hold him down while she worked on taking photos.IMG_9204When we were outside, he was tied downIMG_9210When we were on the streets, he decided to sit under a car in the shade.  IMG_9231So I started to feel sorry for him and went to sit with him.IMG_9220And when we told him we’re leaving, he wanted a tummy rub! Bless! But of course that was silly as were on the street and he was under a car!IMG_9229We eventually coaxed him to come out and then they were on their way. Sorry to see him go. I was just getting used to him.IMG_9232

May’s comment: Photoshoot today with Ursula Roxy who’s doing a series of photographs of people and their dogs. The photos will be published and the proceeds will go to a dog-related charity.

Lovely Hugo – sorry we didn’t have much time to play.IMG_9219

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Oh MissDarcy,, he looked like a lovely new friend!

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