Holly’s Home

But Agnes is crying. 🙁

A week ago, Agnes found Holly, a staffie-cross at Morden Hall Park on Monday, 7th July.  She had to take it to the Dog Warden to make sure Holly does not belong to someone. And told them if no one claimed her that she will adopt her.

A week later, the Dog Warden brought Holly back to Agnes yesterday at 17.30.

As Agnes knew she could not keep her, she had told others about Holly – and interviewed those interested to make sure Holly goes to a home who will never abandon her.

Two hours after Agnes got her safely back, a lovely couple came to take her home.  Her new mummy had bought her a lovely pink collar and lead, and yummy food.  She was already in love.

As happy as Agnes was to find Holly a new home, she was heartbroken to see Holly go – even though she can visit her.

Thank you Agnes. Sometimes broken hearts are beautiful stories. I love you!


  1. Agnes

    Thank You May xxx

  2. Sylwia (Agnes' friend)

    Agnes has a big heart and we all love her not only for all she did to save Holly but also for her dedication to the work with her other ‘babies’.x

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