Georg und Ich – Our memories of Berlin

It’s been two days and two nights since we left Germany … and we’re back to routine.  We’ve had time to reflect on our trip, looked through the hundreds of photos that Mummy took. It was a really good trip – full of new experiences, especially for George.  Sorry, he would have been Georg in German – pronounced GE-awrk!

When we went for our walks in the mornings, we saw that the trees were already losing their leaves.  IMG_6729As we walked on the leaves, they rustled beneath us – made us very curious what’s buried underneath them.IMG_6726We were busy smelling everything and curious about it all.

There were lots of dogs everywhere.  There was even a book store with a dog as its logo –

IMG_6724 And window displays with dogs in it.IMG_6725Here’s a litter bin – a tick! for using it for our poo!IMG_6727There were dispensers for dog poo bags at a park near where we stayed.IMG_6918 We saw a dog that took himself out on the street to release himself and then promptly went inside an open door. He was a bit curious about us but he did not wander far from his home when we walked on.

And we saw this big dog that looked a bit like George and a bit like me.IMG_6946 The owners didn’t know what cross it is – just a “mischung” – guess like me and George.

But what Mummy thought were the funniest things were crossing signs – definitely different!IMG_6923 IMG_6921We were particularly pleased to be included in everything – we went everywhere with Mummy. Renate had planned our visits with great consideration for us.

When she took us to Potsdam – we did not just drive around to see the lovely old town but we went for a walk in the Sanssouci Park. IMG_6811Although we weren’t allowed to run off lead in the main areas, we were walking and walking as it was a huge park. But at the end of the day, we went to the parts where we could run.  And we ran and we ran – like some wild animals! IMG_6797  And we were very pleased that Friedrich the Great had his dogs properly buried with tombstones.IMG_6845Even when we went to visit the Wall Memorial, IMG_6963we walked up the museum tower to look down at the site.  IMG_6973It was a sobering moment for all of us. We know that all the dogs that was once a part of the era of the wall are no longer with us but many humans are still alive to tell their stories.

And even there, I had a little run with Renate.IMG_6987We drove us out to the countryside to visit a beautiful spa on the lake – and we ran on lawns IMG_7024and through the forests.IMG_7046Georg (GE-awrk) and I were at every restaurant Mummy went to. IMG_7003 We felt welcomed, no it wasn’t even that – it’s was just how they accepted we’re a part of the human’s lives.We drove around the city IMG_6949 IMG_6948and saw a lot of the landmarks …IMG_6954IMG_6885 and in the evening, we saw some beautiful light shows on the landmarks of Berlin. We happened to have been there on the last night of the Festival of Lights.IMG_6915Even the vet was beautiful, I mean, kind – he came to us on a home visit on Sunday morning just to give us our Milbemax.  But he forgot to put down the time of administration and almost caused us refusal of entry!

IMG_6743 It took us a long time to get there with strike actions and all that stuff, but along the way we met many lovely people. When travelling on trains, many people stopped to say hello and they  were only too happy to help out Mummy – mainly they wanted to hold George. IMG_7111 IMG_7114There were others who liked me as well.IMG_6631The only thing we didn’t like too much was the travel. The train rides were long and boring for us, and we didn’t particularly liked the kennels on the ferry – but we survived.

I met old friends and introduced them to Georg (GE-awrk)IMG_7074IMG_7063 and had good laughs!  For instance, Mummy kept forgetting and losing things. When we were in Amsterdam she managed to leave her brush behind. So how lucky she is that she had brought my comb – so she could use it. So we never got combed!

And as we know, Georg (GE-awrk) did remarkably well IMG_6639– with only some minor accidents but on the whole, he took everything in his stride. Mummy says if we do move to Germany, Georg (GE-awrk) will have to be renamed!!!!

At the next football matches, we’ll be cheering for both England and Germany – and may the better team win! 🙂

May’s comment:  So glad to see Berlin again 25 years later … wow! What a change!  And yet when one looks closer, there are still quite a lot of remnants of the old DDR. There are still old buildings left in ruins alongside the spanking new glass towers and the beautifully refurbished homes.  How big and how grand the Prussian Empire once was!  How lavish a life they led. And yet, right in the middle of the city was such an act of atrocity – a structure intended to divide and a regime that wanted to dim all it’s grandeur.

And as Berlin bustled with such activity, such vibe – every now and then you get glimpses of the people who were from that era of the East and still did not seem to have caught up with the new world they now belong to.

They say it takes at least a generation for things to change and it has only been 25 years. It seems a long time but not long enough to change people’s behaviours.

Maybe now that we’re back home, I can say that after this mammoth trip with unexpected turn of events, I feel like I can take the two doggies anywhere. And taking one dog will be so, so easy from here on.

Have already done some research and maybe the next time I will fly again with one dog! George can go in cabin easily. Darcy needs a bit of manipulation but have found Air Berlin to be super dog friendly – so may have to go via them.  Onward we go – life is truly sweeter when travelling with a dog or dogs!



  1. Judith Vogel

    Lovely post as well as travelogue!
    Bravo George and Miss Darcy. Of course many Bravo to your Mummy.
    Pls tell her I’ll send a photo of Bennie with her tug toy very soon. Trying to capture the greatest picture to do justice to Toy And Bennie.
    Licks to you little doggies and big huggggs to your Mummy.

  2. Jules ferns

    Hi May…love reading your blog as I too have a cockapoo. His name is ollie and he is our world! We are currently planning our wedding for next summer and hoping to visit a chateau in France this April which will hopefully be our venue. I was hoping for a little advise…has daddy flown before and if so was it in the hold or in the cabin? I am worried that he would be distressed in the hold but travelling my car is such a big Journey! Hope u can throw some light on our options! He simply has to be there!! Thank you!

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