George has international appeal

Yesterday was a very different day from most of our days.  No park run, just meeting Mummy’s friends all day in different restaurants.  It was tiring regardless – Mummy calls it mental stimulation.

We started with Mummy’s friend Adelina from NYC, coming to visit. I met her when I was last in New York but she has never met George.

We were having lunch at Thomas Cubitt when I overheard her tell Mummy that she rather likes George’s size and that he’s very cute.  That if she were to get a dog, George would be it.IMG_0511Does that mean he’s leaving? 😉

Right after lunch, we were off to The Milestone Hotel to meet other friends – Aunty Vivienne and Aunty Ngan from Malaysia.IMG_0525

Aunty Vivienne commented that George is very handsome and adorably cute. IMG_0522Aunty Ngan told Georgie he is better behaved this time – the last time she saw us having a brawl. IMG_0545At least Aunty Ngan mentioned that I am very well-behaved and she gave me a hug.

Never mind, George can have all the hugs, I’m busy watching the delicious cakes and sandwiches being explained to the humans.IMG_0532 Isn’t it all just food that you put them into your mouth and swallow? Yes, I know some are better yum-yums than others but this guy is delaying the process.IMG_0533There was a Yorkiepoo who was also at The Milestone conservatory!  Meet Dolly – she’s only 4 months old and terribly curious about George.IMG_0523Dolly is a lot more poodle and George a lot more Yorkie.

We weren’t too sure about George’s reaction to Dolly so we were a little careful.IMG_0528Dolly’s owners told Georgie he was one of the cutest dogs they have ever met!.

Then who turned up but our friend Ellen, from Dubai! She is an old friend of ours but not a doggy hands on one – she doesn’t really know how to handle dogs. But even then she gave George a hug.

IMG_0539So yesterday confirmed that George has international appeal from NY to Dubai to Malaysia.

It’s ok with me. I’ve had love from the beginning. I’ve had lots of hugs from everyone before George came along. Now I just get left alone while he gets all the attention.

But I did get a hug from Aunty Vivienne – for me it’s just a better vantage point of the food on the table.IMG_0547

May’s comment: In our analysis of George’s appeal, Vivienne nailed it when she said that George appeals to the heart, the maternal instincts. Everyone who had met him feels they want to protect him because he is so dinky and eyes that yearn for love. He engages people immediately.

On the other hand, Darcy gives as much as she is loved. But she’s a confident dog in her own ways and stays within herself. She’s not an extrovert. But when she knows someone she will warmly greet them. If not, she’s quite aloof and does not engage unless there are treats involved.

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