Did George slay a dragon?

GeorgeThat’s a big name for a little dog.”

Someone once said when introduced to George.

Well, whichever way you look at it … George Clooney, King George, Prince George or St. George – they are all rather significant people in our society.

George was named after George Clooney as Mummy decided on the day he got married that with one George no longer available to love, she would re-name Bobo – George because he had salt-n-pepper hair like the actor. LOL!

But George is a pretty heavy-duty name in Great Britain – several monarchs are called King George and there’s a little guy in the wings who will one day be king – that’s the plan anyway.

George means – tiller of the soil, or farmer.

23rd April is St. George’s Day – named for the patron saint of England who has become famous from stories that he slayed a dragon and saved a distressed maiden. Well, that’s not George! LOL!

The truth of the matter is that St. George had never set foot in England, but he had been seen fighting for the English. In 1415 he became the official patron saint of England.

Our little George would be “arking” (he barks without a “b”) at the dragon. He wouldn’t know his size and will keep barking at it if it’s ever real of course.

The emblem that Saint George wore on his shield or banner became England’s flag.

St George cross national flag of England

So George, we honour you this day. You are as brave as St. George but you’re definitely not a Saint!!!

May’s comment: We don’t know when is George’s birthday. We know his Gotcha Day. Just so he doesn’t lose out on a day to celebrate him, we use this day of the patron saint to honour him.George will may not slay dragons but he has a big attitude!


  1. Nancy Koon

    And a big heart!!!

  2. Cheryl

    Happy Day George!

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