God-sent Godparents for George

They couldn’t have dogs in their flat.  Mummy was still wondering what she had done adopting George. So when we met – it was a perfect combination!

We met Praewa and Arsh when we were walking along Fulham Road a few weekends ago. We had just got George and Mummy was still overwhelmed with the whole dilemma of wanting to love George and protect him but not wanting to let go of the “just the two of us” time.  Yet, she used to say I needed a sister so I will stop having the “only child” syndrome. But when she suddenly found herself with George, I guess she had not prepared herself enough for it.

Then on that fateful day as we walked past Praewa and Arsh along Fulham Road, they stopped us and asked if they could stroke us. Mummy got into an extended conversation with them. They LOVE dogs but were not allowed to keep them in their flat. They did negotiate that they can have dog visits – so they registered on “Borrow My Doggy” – which Mummy had heard about and vowed she would never use such a service!  How can you trust anyone you don’t know well with your dog!!! So thus began our unexpected relationship.

Mummy was at that time, looking for a very good reason to let George go but there was none.  In her heart of hearts, she wanted him to stay but so desperately holding onto the “Just the two of us” time. Well, me too, actually.  Who was this dinky thing that entered our home unannounced?!?!?!

For some unknown reason, there was a mutual trust – maybe because both Praewa and Arsh are graduate law students – and said, it would be a bad start to their legal career if they kidnapped George!!!! LOL!

They take George now and then, especially on days when Mummy have to run errands. Sometimes she can take one of us but not both. On those days, George gets cuddle time with them. He gets to sit on their laps as they pour over their books, and gives them a good reason to take a break from their cramming.  He loves them and would try to follow them when they drop him off.

Over time, it was difficult for Mummy to explain to others who they were so they were asked if they would like to be George’s godparents!

IMG_7344I think they also like me and would take me too but that sort of defeats the purpose of Mummy and me time!  Myself, I have eight godparents – but they are scattered all over the world so I don’t get to spend time with them like George does with his. Lucky him!

P.s. He’s been showing off his “paw” trick!

May’s comment: The Universe never gives you more than you can deal with, I was told.  It gives you help to deal with things.

George is in our lives for a reason and they are slowly being revealed to me. But to begin with, as I had mentioned before, I struggled with my rationale. Maybe because it happened so quickly that I wasn’t prepared for it. But as so many have told me – there’s never a right time – just go with it. I was just fostering, or so I thought. Then the silly heart took over and the head rationalised – but a part of me was uncomfortable – I think it’s called the EGO. I was unwilling to give up “me and Darcy time”. Even though I had so many offers and options to give up George, so many others who can give him love, food, shelter and care, I couldn’t let him go.

So when our paths crossed with Praewa and Arsh, it was the perfect set-up – that there’s someone George can go which still allows Darcy and I to have our time together.  And those times are precious. And after having two, walking with one seems so easy – and because Darcy and I are used to each other’s ways. Someday George will too.

GODparents is just DOGparents spelt backwards!

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