Mummy and Me time

We went shopping today – along Kings Road and as we walked past the Temperley store, we saw the dress that the Duchess of Cambridge wore at her last event. Well not the exact one – Mummy thought it was rather different.

Anyway, while George visited with his godparents, Mummy and I went shopping. It was like the old days when it was just the two of us. Mummy said it’s important we do this now and then – for me and for her.  And there are days when I go for walks with the big boys and dinky George gets to spend time with Mummy.

We took the bus on Kings Road – like we always do.  And when I see a big red bus coming down the road, I get ready to get on. IMG_4703-2Our first stop was at The White Company – we were both using our sniffers. I was smelling the scents while Mummy was smelling the candles.IMG_7312Christmas is well on its way here and lots of Christmas decorations are already up.IMG_7319And we said hello to our favourite store attendant – we told him that we now have George and he asked us to bring him him the next time.  Hmmm.IMG_7314Here I am waiting patiently for Mummy to pay for her purchases …IMG_7321We went over to Poilane for lunch – yummy tartine – cheese and ham. I always get something hereIMG_7323On the way back, we also stopped at my most favourite gelateria!  Yay for Dri Dri!IMG_4712 IMG_4711A fab way to end the day of just me and Mummy time.

May’s comment: Whilst Darcy’s been really brilliant with George, I can see that she does get jealous. So it’s quite important to spend one-on-one time with her. And it gives me a chance to just being with her – she who taught me so much during the time we’ve been together.  I’ve also realised how easy she is to be with. She behaves impeccably well except for coming up for food at restaurants – not so good! But overall, on public transportation and in crowds, she manoeuvres her way around.

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